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How do you know when you're using your diapharam while singing? How does it feel?

Is there a certain feeling in my stomach I'm suppose to feel because the only feeling I get is in my throat (which is incorrect) sometime when I'm singing along to a song and the artist's voice becomes loud and strong, my voice sounds strained and I end up going to my headtones. I guess the solution to singing powerful is using your diaphram but I dont know when I am or not. Any advice?

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    It's much easier to take the initial deep, diaphragm breath to start singing...what's much harder is KEEPING the diaphragm working instead of letting it give up right away.

    As other people has posted, take a deep break by expanding your stomach mucsles as well as your rib & even your back muscles. Make it a point to keep your shoulders down. When done correctly, you will DEFINITLEY feel different. You will probably feel pretty uncomfortable if you are not used to it.

    Now, once you understand which muscles are supposed to be working, start letting out a small, steady stream of air. An "sss" sound is the easiest. While doing this, try to concentrate on keeping all of those musles expanded while you are making sound. The tendancy is to relax all of those important muscles as soon as one little sound escapes. So, you've started out w/ great supply, but since your muscles gave up, you are out of support. If you can keep your rib cage expanded for as long as possible, you will start to train yourself to use as much air from your lungs as possible for as long as possible.

    I hope this all made sense! My voice teacher in college used to have us do this exercise where we'd take our deep "back breath" & then she'd place her hands on our ribcage or lower back while we sang. Our job was to continue to push against her hands with those muscles (by keeping them expanded) & sing at the same time. Nearly impossible to do! But, it does a good job of pointing out the muscles that should be working.


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    You should feel a tautness in your midsection, as if you were straining. You should definitely be able to feel your diapragm moving, just below your lungs, which is roughly about midway down the chest, more or less in the center.

    A little exercise to determine when you are using your diaphragm--take a deep breath. If your stomach expands, then you used your diaphragm to take that breath. If, on the other hand, your shoulders rise or your chest swells, then you are using your shoulder and chest muscles to expand your lungs. Once you recognize what the former feels like, it should be easier to use it to sing.

    Hope that helps.

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    The diaphragm is the muscle beneath the lungs that causes them to fill. When you sing, your rib cage should be lifted by this muscle so when you take a breath IN, the ribs should not expand the stomach should. You know you’re using your diaphragm when this happens.

    You should take a few deep breaths this way to fill your lungs then breath out before singing.Take a breath and hold it then let it go in a series of staccato punches, using your abdominal muscles to push the air out. You should feel this exercise in your abs.

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    ull feel ur stomach start to hurt a little bit. if u have trouble trying to learn get a vocal coach and it will help alot. if u cnt aford one go to ur music teacher and ask. if u cnt, lay down nd sing a song. it helps because u cnt sing with ur throat and when notes get high u will have to go into ur headtones or u will hurt ur voice. the singer singing on the radio may have a stronger voice or use synthesizers so obviously thats why they can hit it.

    Hope i helped!

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    take a deep breath before you sing a line. It sounds dumb but that's what i had to do to start singing naturally with my diaphragm. also, it was easier to think of it as singing from my gut rather than my diaphragm.

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    feel your ribs, and breath in,

    if you don't feel them expand you're not using your diapragm.

    if your shoulders start to go up some people say that's an indication of incorrect breathing, i don't know how well that works.

    hope that helps =/ it's kind of tricking to explain, start studying voice! it will help

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    the first time you sing correctly from your will feel lightheaded..slightly dizzy..

    your voice will project from the back of your throat to the roof of your mouth and outwards with power.

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