How were immigrants, African Americans, and immigrants affected during WWI?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    African Americans were affected by having there jobs taken away so white people could have them.most of the immigrants affected were Japanese because of peril harbor they were put into labor camps

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    1 decade ago

    After WWI-America adopted the idea of isolationism-policy of pulling away from involvement from world affairs...immigrants were affected because there were many anti-immigration laws passed- and after americans went to war, Immigrants, african americans, I think you mean women were allowed to take the jobs of men b/c they were needed for the war effort-as WWI progressed, however, many americans didn't like the idea of immigrants and AA and women taking away jobs, so often times they were persecuted. Also the war industries board took AA and immigrants and women into the war effort to help turn america into a war-based economy...women had redefined roles as mainly nurses in the battlefields and imm. and AA had separate places in the army-still they were persecuted and faced racism...women began to gain more power as did immigrants and African Americans...

    hope this helps!! :-)

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