spring awakening audition dvd?

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    hmm...well, if you are asking if the casting agents for Spring

    Awakening accept DVD auditions, they do. They would like you to sing part of a rock-inspired song (not a show tune!), and about a 2-minute monologue. Also, tell them about yourself.

    However i must tell you, the chances of them getting back to you are slim to none. I would suggest auditioning in person, you will have a much better chance. I do understand, however, if you live far away. It can't hurt sending one in!

    But....i am 75% sure they are through with casting for awhile...they had major open-casting about two months ago. Keep checking in a few more months.

    Source(s): Good luck! (And also, song selection is key. I would suggest singing an indie/rock song that really showcases your pipes)
  • 5 years ago


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