whats your most embarrasssing moment to date ?


micheal j you've got so much to learn lighten up if you really felt it was a crap question why did you answer it , was it a little matter of the two points lol!!!!!!!!!

Update 2:

btw level five as you pointed out i ain't that clever


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    Why would an account be closed for asking a genuine question?

    I don't believe it and if yahoo really is closing accounts for that they would really be driving people away. Accounts should be closed if questions are targeted at discrimination, violence, or hate or any other inappropriate comment.

    My most embarassing moment to date was when I found out my zipper had broken on my slacks and would not stay up. Of course I discovered this after church...

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    Being a 25 year-old virgin. I suppose this is a daily thing rather than a moment.

    I used to mow yards with my parents and their business. We had a commercial account we were doing, and I was on the Ex-Mark, a lawnmower as big as a riding lawnmower, but you stand on a cart that's attached to it. Anyway, my stepdad said to disengage the blade when workers were coming or leaving, so that a little rock didn't like fly and hit them in the face or something (we were mulching the grass). Anyway, it moves when you squeeze the handles, but when you squeeze one all the way, it turns. So, two lady workers come out, and I'm like right there and grass is shooting everywhere, but they keep approaching, so I'm like in my mind thinking that I have to really turn this blade off fast. So, I let go of one of the handles to quickly punch the lever and turn the blade off so they don't get grass all over them, but when I let go of one lever, my hand automatically squeezed the other, and the lawnmower spun out from under me and flew across the yard and ALMOST, almost hit the side of the building. A few bushes stopped it from hitting the building, along with the automatic shutoff which, after that experience, I can see takes a few seconds to stop.

    LOL when they walked past one was visibly giggling, and the other lady said, "Woops..."

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    nothing really, i've got tons of embarrassing moments. most recently is how when i just casually told a bouncer friend of mine how i got some numbers then she shouted it out when i was outside with my friends, like 'where are my girlfriends' and 'i thought you pulled tonight'. that was embarrassing. but i'll banter back with her the next time i see her, funny thing is, the bartender seems to think i pull non-stop, like he said he sees me kissing all the time. i'm in a reflective mood

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    i dropped something and bent over to pick it up and i farted sooo loud and i my date notice that i had leaked brown fluid over my pants...it was sooo embarrassing......

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