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When painting a room , do you paint the walls or the trim first?

I'm going to be painting my bedroom , and i was wondering if i paint the trim (around windows , doors , and the bottom molding) first or if i paint the walls first then do the trim . Any ideas ?

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    paint trim first, then your walls. It's much easier to cut the wall into your trim than the other way around and the edge of your trim will cover better because your able to use enough paint. If your not doing a custom job than you paint the walls first and then trim BUT your only facing off the trim meaning the very edge of the trim (door & window casing) would be the color of your wall. Procedure ceiling, trim, walls and last the baseboard, this is how I've painted for 35 yrs, Good luck Les the painter

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    Ceilings first because if you dont then the paint from the ceiling may get onto the newly painted walls. So 1)Ceilings 2)Walls 3)Trim When you do your trim just buy somepainters tape to put around them so that the paint wont get on any other surfaces. Happy painting!

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    I always paint the walls first, then the trim. Just seems easier to me.

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    Everyone (Myself included) I know that has painted or paints professionally have always saved the trim work for last because it usually is the most time consuming , But think you could do it either way as long as you use drop cloth's and mask everything

    off well , Basically it depends on just how messy of a painter you are ! lolol

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    you paint the walls then the trim around the windows and doors then the base last.

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    I always paint the walls first. That way when I trim, it is easier to make sure that all the wall is covered because the brush is smaller. good luck.

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    rule of thumb is you paint the walls then the trim,let the paint dry then use painter tape on the walls so you can paint the trim and molding easier

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    Paint whichever is the lighter color first. If you goof, it's easier to cover a light-color mistake with a darker color than vice-versa. If you're using latex paint, keep a damp rag handy and immediately wipe up any goofs. (The lighter color must be completely dry or you'll wipe up both paints).

    If you don't know how to paint without using tape, it might be a good idea to take a lesson or two at Home Depot. Doing it tapeless, if you know how, is faster, neater and less time consuming.

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    trim first, then walls. It is easier to touch up small area's on trim than large area's on walls.

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    listen to Les

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