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i can't sleep....?

i can't sleep...its making me sick i try to go to sleep late and waaate up early but that doesn't help!! i did stay up because its summer but not i'm getting sick and tired of this help!!!


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    You need to work out more during the day so that you are tired and sleep.

  • Happens to me all the time: I go to bed, fall asleep and wake up in the middle of the night unable to go back to sleep. What I do is to get up and start doing something. Usually that calms me down enough to go back to sleep.

    It is often age related. They say that we need less sleep as we get older---but also, women who go toward menopause or are in the middle of it will experience insomia---and once you are over that you'll have hot flashes that wake you up.

    What I did, I started to take a supplement which works. Ever since I take it am I sleeping like a baby and if I wake up too early it's not bothering me like I used to. It's called glyconutrients and it has other good side effects too.Good luck

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    Your question isn't very clear. When you say you can't sleep that tells me that you can't sleep at all, not even for one second. There are several remedies for insomnia, such as, drink warm milk before going to bed. Have a comfortable bed and pillow! Learn to meditate! Practice breathing exercises. Consult a specialist in sleeping disorders. Learning to meditate will also help with whatever sickness you may have. Learn to pray and have faith. Smile more!

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    fill your mind with great thoughts like a boy just likes u or something and try to make it a story liine or something and if that doesn't work, then sleepy pils

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    Drink some beer!!!! you will go to sleep. It sounds like somethings bothering you maybe you should see a doc or just drink some beer!!!!!

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    go to a doctor. theyll subscribe you some sleeping pills. this happened to my bro

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    i have the same problem recently. need help toooo

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