What good can come from teaching our children conflicting knowledge?

We teach them about mathematics, scientific principles, literature, and geography etc, all knowledge that takes effort to learn and understand but once it has been understood, it makes sense and is logical. But we also teach them things like the world being made by an invisible being, some guy apparently died for their sins and two of all the worlds animals were put into a big boat and the world was flooded etc, this stuff is not difficult to learn but it doesn’t make any sense and is highly illogical and completely contradicts all that they have been taught about science. Isn’t it time we dropped the imaginary world and concentrated on what is important in today’s physical world?

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    1 decade ago
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    From what I've seen on this board, most theists have a better understanding of their various theological doctrines than of how to spell, punctuate or put together grammatically correct sentences.

    So it would seem that the focus should probably be on getting people to simply retain the education they receive in elementary, also known (ironically) as GRAMMAR school. This is, of course, a sarcastic oversimplification of the real problem - namely the vincible ignorance of the average human being.

    We live in a world of dichotomy and disproportion, fueled by the exploitation of people's fear and ignorance, so we can not realistically expect the masses to ever achieve high levels of intelligence any more than we can expect them to achieve high levels of income (at least not while Fox news exists.) It is when people PREFER to remain ignorant that we are truly in trouble.

    Welcome to the 21st century, where everyone survives but only the smart and wealthy thrive.

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    4 years ago

    As somebody who became taught "anti-understanding", and who in basic terms interior the previous couple of years (on the grounds that commencing to attend college) has found out how silly I were for just about 30 years, i'm appalled at this! i became taught that evolution is crap, the earth is in basic terms 6,000 years previous, and that i'd bypass to hell if i did no longer blindly stick to all of those teachings (which I admittedly did for just about 3 many years) on the grounds that transforming into a college student, I incredibly have got here across maximum of what i became taught to be fake. initially, i became incredibly offended on the whole Christian employer, yet I incredibly have on the grounds that come to words with all of this. the way that I did this became to reason to myself that my mothers and dads did no longer comprehend any extra beneficial and that they meant properly (even nonetheless i comprehend that it incredibly is in basic terms an excuse I h ave made for them). in my opinion, i do no longer think of that the few who nevertheless have self belief such nonsense would have a lot of an prolonged-lasting effect, expecially on the grounds that there are human beings like me available, who grants those with scientific information of the existence of God collectively as nevertheless with the flexibility to work out for the duration of the veil of lies that has permeated our society for thus long. i think of that as technological understanding progresses over the years, further and extra human beings will would desire to settle for that what they have been taught and are coaching isn't something extra beneficial than motives that have been created at a time whilst little became primary approximately technological understanding and the character of issues, and lack of expertise and worry have been dominant interior the international. do no longer lose wish in humanity yet.

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    Amen to that sister. We need to teach our children to observe the world and think about their observations in order to teach them how to make responsible decisions. Teaching them that an imaginary father figure will punish them if they don't believe in fictional teachings from an archaic collection of stories doesn't teach them about good critical thinking. No wonder the world is in such a sorry state.

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    Hello sweet Desiree.. :)

    I learned mathematics, science, literature and geography in school.. :) (1956 1st grade)..they also taught about God, though I myself was not raised with any religion whatsoever in my home.. :(

    I cannot recall any single incident with a child killing a teacher or another student.. :(

    If I can recall correctly, fighting in school ended up with the students being called to the principals office, they always had to shake hands with one another and apologize.. :)

    I wish I had listened more to the teachers about God, maybe I would have not been on drugs, a bad mom and a much more caring person..

    A Christian lives in a same physical world as everyone else..we just choose to let the Holy Spirit lead and direct our paths so we can help others.. :)

    I say this in Love precious Desiree.. :)

    In Jesus Most Precious Name..

    With Love..In Christ.. :)

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    1 decade ago

    I don't know who's teaching your children, but my daughter has learned the truth from her first remembering. She is 7, and can outread most adults in Hebrew.

    She goes to a private Orthodox Academy, studies both secular and Judaism, and knows the world as it was...and as it is.

    Science didn't make this world...G-d did.

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    that they can choose and think for themselves.

    If you choose only to teach them what you believe is true they will ask why you didn't tell them other things that they may latter believe in...

    Why do you tell your kids gory fariy tales? 3 Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood?

    Jesus is not imaginary, He is very real... Just ask and He will reveal to you.... Jesus is very logical when He is revealed....

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    1 decade ago

    Well, which is it. STring theory or Quantum theory?

    Are Quantums made up of strings?

    How you explain them them that strings can't be seen because they are one dimension.

    How do you explain one dimension.

    How do you explain that some scientists believe humans (Sapiens) mated with near animals (Neaderthal) while others says the two didn't co-exist at all.

    No matter how you slice it, once we get into ALL the various theories we have disputes.

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    1 decade ago

    Loooooong Past Time...

    Even huge numbers of Christians understand the Truth and Reality of ToE… As just one example, here’s >10,600 U.S. Clergy agreeing with Darwin's Theory of Evolution ( ToE ):


    One sentence of the CLERGY OPEN LETTER reads:

    “To reject this truth (ToE) or to treat it as “one theory among others” is to deliberately embrace scientific ignorance and transmit such ignorance to our children.” < OUR *KIDS*! >

    Source(s): The Atheist's Handbook. - No ‘Gods’. No ‘Jesus’ <X><
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    1 decade ago

    Teaching our children conflicting knowledge is the best way to make lots of money off them later on...Oh gosh, there I go, spilling the beans again!...Bad!.... Bad Me! Baaaad!!!


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ...and out pops Jeffery Dahmer! ; )

    It's no wonder their little minds get so twisted!

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