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In the Japanese language, how do you pronounce the "r's"?

Please tell me the correct pronounciation of each word..

ex.1 sakura





ex.2 hiroto





ex.3 uruha





And when I write a d, I meant as an "l-ish" light "d" sound. Thank you.

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    Try this. Put your tongue in the position to make a 'd' sound (use the word 'do,' for example). Then, starting with your tongue in that position, try pronouncing an 'r' sound (like 'rue'). That should give your the Japanese 'r' sound.

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    I am an implemented linguistics professor in Japan and used to be as soon as confused through the equal query a long time in the past whilst I first got here right here. It is for a few motives. When the Japanese syllabary is positioned into Roman leters (our A,B,Cs), they use simplest the letter R. It is deceptive considering the sound they make is neither an R or an L sound. It is somewhere in among the 2. Adjoining sounds normally regulate the sound in a few approaches making it look extra R than L every now and then and vice versa. The excellent approach to consider of it's to consider of it as a separate sound all in combination. Good success! Ganbate!

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    They are pronounced like Spanish "r"s but not in the rolling sense. The sound is between an "l" and a light "d" like how we would say "ladder."

    But some Japanese actually pronounce the "r" as an "l" in some contexts. like ending words such as "nara" or "kara" the "ra" might actually be pronounced as "la".

    So basically all of what you wrote would be the 3rd option.

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    Roll the 'r' sounds, just like in Spanish. If anything, 'd' is the closest to describing it, but it is a rolled 'r' sound.

    On your example 1, the third is probably accurate.

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