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how can i get thicker hair?

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    Here are some quick tips:

    Tip# 1: massage thinning areas with coconut oil and vitamin E. You can find it cheap at GNC.

    Tip # 2: Try Beauty 4 Ashes Scalp Food Gel. Massage it into your thinning area. This has work for almost everyone that I know who has wanted thicker hair.

    Tip #3: keep your hair moisturized and away from chemicals and high heat.

    Tip #4: Visit the drugstore and instead of buying hair growth vitamins try buying Vitamin B3.

    I know that you can get thicker hair. Keep the stress in your life low and make sure you get at least 6 hours of sleep for the next few weeks.

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    You were born with all of the hair follicles that you will ever have. The trick is retaining length to get your hair to its maximum fullness. Using heat tools, gels, products with alcohol, and putting stress on the hair makes it break off. Condition the hair regularly and don't mess with it too much during the day. Using breakage defense products and other products will help strengthen the hair. Believe me, your hair will grow tremendously. Mine did.

    Don't believe the hype about trim, trim, trim. Think about it, how can hair grow if it's constantly being trimmed? Trim only as needed, which should be when you notice split ends or when you want to even up your hair.

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    I don't think you can get thicker hair, but you can make it voluminous. Use volumizing shampoo (I use Aromatherapy from Bath & Body Works). Also blowdry your hair with your head upside down.

  • u cant. it has to be in ur mom has light hair and so does my dad. if ur previouse ancestors had thick hair than most likley u will get thick hair when u grow older.

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