On 6/23/07 I was told I was 14 wks,today is 7/8/07 how far am I now and what would my due date be/?

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    Do you know when the first day of your last menstrual period is? If you do you can put it into a pregnancy calculator (like other people said). If you don't know I estimated it to be around March 17, 2007. I got this date by counting back 14 weeks from June 23, 2007. I then entered the date of March 17 into the calculator and got a due date of December 23, 2007. According to your information you are at 16 weeks now. Of course, you should check with your doctor. I am only estimating based on the dates you gave me!

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    I think you should definetly try this website below...all you have to do is type in your last menstrual period and you will be given an approx. due date for your wonderful baby. Good luck on everything and Congrats!!

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    here i did the hard work for you:


    you were told how many weeks you were, but they didnt give you a due date?? that sounds funny; who did you see? i hope not a doctor, cause they dont sound too bright!!

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    Find a pregnancy calculator on the internet.

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