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my ball python got to close to a flame ?

my ball python got to close to a flame and burned lots of skin off it now looks pieballed anyone think i can sell it pieballed


i dont have enough money for a vet so i think ill eat it

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    oh my goodness....first of all i do hope this snake will recover as best as possible. secondly, if you are actually a breeder, you should definitly consider doing a little more research on what you are dealing with. finally if you try to sell a burnt BP as piebald, you are going to have a lot of herpers not willing to take you seriously enough to buy from you, let alone refer anyone. please learn from whatever happened and i hope you are taking care of your snake.

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    Most snakes will seek out a hiding place that is secure and damp. Place damp towels in strategic locations along the walls. The snake probably moves at night, and it is probably dehydrated. It will be attracted to the moist towel. Sooner or later you will find it under a towel, assuming that it is still in the house. Baiting it with a mouse or heating pad will not work. When you find the snake, buy a REAL cage. I suspect you are keeping it in an aquarium with a screen top???

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    I don't care if you don't have money to take it to the vet - MAKE A PLAN!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you burn yourself and your parents don't have money to help you.

    What the hell is wrong with you, how the hell did you allow something like this to happen.

    You don't deserve to get any money for it. Just give it away to a RESPONSIBLE, caring person who WILL look after it. That's if it survives. The poor thing is probably in shock and so severely stressed.

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    How the hell did your snake get too close to a flame? Burning animals isn't cool.

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    I am hoping that you had the good sense to take your snake to the Vet to be treated. Your snake could be seriously injured externally and internally. I think you should find a good home for your snake and give it to new owners for free...

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    come on dont sell it during that same year<or the next year if it already got its new skin that year> it will be looking like normal again

    Source(s): my books on reptiles
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    Nope, Too close to dead. Burns hurt, it is probably going through lots of stress.

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    Nope. But except for the scarring, he should recover pretty well. You'll know when he gets his next skin.

    If not, don't despair. There's good eating on one of them.

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    eat it !? the snake !? wow ok responsible pet ownership i think not . in less you are 12 you have enough money for the vet.

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    I think you should keep a better eye on your pets...I do hope you brought it to the vet...poor thing.

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