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where can i get a turbocharger for my car??

i have a 1989 ford probe with a 2.2 litre 4 cyl SOHC

and i really want to find the turbo for that

engine so i can install it

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    There was a factory turbo version of the same engine installed in the Probe GT and its MX-6 counterpart. You're best off swapping the whole engine and computer, but you could also put just the turbo and the exhaust manifold on it and retune the engine. You can often find these engines in junkyards, and if you don't want to go yarding you can get it through online parts sources like Watanabe or through Probe or MX-6 websites' classifieds.

    Source(s): I had a turbo model myself that I raced and entered in the Grassroots Motorsports $2004 Challenge. See and for information on Probes.
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    you do know that you cant just slap a turbo on and then its all said and done. youll need charge pipes blow off valve waste gate fuel pump bigger injectors. ect... fuel management system.

    unless you already have a turbo and just swapping out the old for new. then try greddy or hks or Ebay

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    If you can find a stock replacement turbocharger IHI-rhb5 on ebay, people sell them all the time, if not there, join the forums on check out the for sale section

    Source(s): My self.
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    From speed shop mail order catalogs. Jeg's, Summit, JC Whitney. You may be able to contact Ford parts Dept. and see what they have.

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    does your car already have a turbo?

    IM me for help.

    there should be speed shops in your area that can help or do a little on line research.


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