In a law suit , who is responsible for filing & recording the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF SATISFACTION Of JUDGEMENT?

Plaintiff had attorney and won,

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    Attorney files it with the court clerk - whether the justice of peace which would fall under County Clerk, the County Court which would be the same or if won in the District Court - the District Clerk would file that which was presented by the Attorney and then he or she (clerk) would file and do the recording.

    My question is to you though: was the judgment PAID? If so, that is when the Acknowledgement of Satisfaction should be filed - OTHERWISE - if this is filed and the debt was not paid - it will release the debtor and leaving nothing to collect upon.

    Usually it is like pulling teeth for one owing to pay - and the courts do not help unless proper papers are filed with them ... then it is usually necessary for the sheriff to do the collections if done properly.

    In the event however, that the Attorney was paid in full - AND THE RIGHTS OF THE PLAINTIFF WERE RETURNED TO THE PLAINTIFF ... and then judgment was paid, the Plaintiff can actually file the Satisfaction notice as this only is like a receipt showing that the bill or amount owing was satisfied and the Defendant is no longer owing and the debt was paid in full.

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    Either the plaintiff or the defendant or their respective attorneys can file it.

    Generally speaking, the one who has the strongest interest in seeing it filed (usually the defendant) files it.

    Source(s): Former jurist.
  • Plantiff files, the court records it.

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