I think my best friend is bi or gay...now what?

My best friend has had 2 serious and long term relationships with other girls. She has never dated any guys except for going out a couple times with one she met on the internet...then she decided there was no chemistry and broke it off. She says she doesn't want to live the lesbian life and insists she is straight...but as her best friend I really don't think she is. She is so happy with the girl she is with now; they are room mates and make each other so happy. She doesn't tell anyone (except me) about her relationship now and the one she had in the past with a woman. She's 25. I just want her to be happy...can you offer me any suggestions?


Oh I think some people may have gotten the wrong idea...I don't want to change her or try to make her straight; I want to help her feel more okay with who she really is! I have no problem with her being gay, straight, bi, whatever...I just want her happy and I think she is trying to force "straightness" on herself.

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    Give her support on her decision to be with women. A couple of my very close friends are bi, and I give them support, even though I'm not bi myself. I'm always happy for the people they are with, and don't put them down about any choices they make.

    Make sure she knows you will be there for her is she ever needs anything. I make sure my friends know this, and I think it helps keep our friendship together.

    I also find that people are constantly putting them down, well except for guys (they like it when they hear girls are bi). Now, If it's a secret you only know about, you won't have to worry about it. But I stick up for them, and try to keep others froms saying bad things about them. I sometimes get identified as 'the girl with bi friends', but I know that they are really good friends to have, and I don't care which gender they prefer.

    Personally, if she's happy, than you should be happy I think, and it should only be a problem if she's treating you different.

    Don't forget to give encouragement, and tell her how good a friend she is to you. Tell her that as long as she's happy, then you're happy. I think it will help.

    I hope this information has helped. If you need anything else, contact me at joshmlover@yahoo.com THANKS!!

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    There's nothing wrong with not being straight. Some time you should discuss it with her... Deep down, she probably knows what she truly is... But that shouldn't be a problem!

    Just make sure you're a good friend and stick by her.

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    Just be supportive is all. This is her life choice and doesn't have much to do with you. If you make a big deal about making her "feel better" about things or try to convince her she isn't straight, it'll just make her feel like she shouldn't talk to you about it. Let her be who she is, if that means she's gay one week and isn't the next, so be it.

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    I think my best friend is bi or gay...now what?

    Well, unless you are sleeping with her...get over it. Support her and let her be herself. She'll run into enough hatred from christians without you piling anything on top of all that.

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    no matter if she is or isn't or willing to admit it to herself or not the best suggestion i have is that if you truly want her to be happy just continue to be her friend no matter what. she sounds like a nice person and a good friend who she loves shouldn't matter in the least.

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    do not push her, advise her or try to make her change; just be a good friend and have a good time ;

    that's definitely best way you can make her happy

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    Do not be obsessed with her sex life. Just be a friend. Can you be friends with any straight friends without obsessing about their sexual preferences?

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    ok she shouldnt meet any guys on the internet

    because they may not be telling the truth about themselves

    and secondly yeah she is bi!

    so just go on double dates with her

    or go to the mall or something where there is tons of guys

    then just like flirt with them with her

    and who knows

    she might actually like one of them

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    shes gunna have to deal with it herself and come out of the closet when shes ready.

    just keep bein a friend

  • You are her friend. Continue being there for her. You have nothing to do with her relationships (unless there is physical or mental abuse).

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