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Why do so many dog owners ignore the "leash law"?

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    Because they can. Because penalties are mild and leash laws are rarely enforced.

    Until penalties are punitive and significant, people will continue to ignore the laws.

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    I can see from the diverse answers here that this seems to be a problem truly world-wide.

    Being a dog lover, my first concern is for the dog, and if I see somebody with a dog offleash on the road, in the street, on a shared footpath, on a parking lot, I actually approach the owners. POLITELY.

    I'll say something like, "Excuse me. I noticed ............ and so on. Did you know that this is very dangerous for your dog, because it may come to harm ......." I don't mention the legal side, just the welfare of the dog at this stage. You'd be surprised to hear how many people will swear that their dog is totally obedient, would never cross the road and so on. I'd say 90 percent. - Then I ask, "But what if your dog saw a cat on the other side of the road, or another dog, or something really interesting?" - You'd still find 80 percent of the original 100 % saying, "oh no, my dog wouldn't do anything. He knows to stay on this side of the road".

    Then comes my best shot: "Have you ever been to see the casualities in the dog vets practises and dog emergency clinics? Do you know how MANY dogs are hit by cars every day? - They were all off leash dogs whose owners thought they were reliable". A number of people will say, "I guess you have a point" - Those are the people I may have influenced (One lives in hope) and for those dogs I am happy. I will even point out to them where the local offleash parks are them, how nice those dog communities are, etc.

    A high percentage of dog owners will not be so nice, will make a silly comment or tell me to mind my own business. I tell them that the welfare of ALL dogs is my business as I work in dog rescue. But they are also the business of every human being and all other animal rescue organisations.

    Only if all that fails, I get to the legal point. Oh and btw," it is also illegal to have a dog off the leash here".

    You might think I go to a lot of trouble for each stupid and irresponsible dog owner. You are right. That is also a reason why I answer questions here. Dogs need advocates, they cannot speak for themselves.

    Thanks for your attention Ladies and Gentlemen.

    </climbs off her soap box\>


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    belive it or not some dogs are acctually trained to walk them selves! Once I saw a golden retriver walking a terrier pup! And the Retriver had the leash in its mouth. My dog is going blind so I obay the law unless I'm in a fenced area then he's free. And the person who says they tell the owners to keep there dogs on leashes has a point. But once I let a female Pomeranian walk my Male Pomeranian. I only did this because the girl is shy and will not leave her own and my dog keep trying to run.

  • Because people, in general, are stupid. They think that their little "Fido" will always listen to them and nothing can every make them leave their side. YEAH, RIGHT! They seem to forget that a ***** in heat will make even the most obedient dog think twice about being where it belongs! Not only that, but if a person has been around a ***** in heat, they carry the scent at it can cause trouble! And then you have the running cat (dog, squirrel, flying bird, etc.) that draws its attention! People don't think things through! That is why we have people breeding mixed breed mutts. That is why we have sooooo many animals in the pounds. That is why so many people get hurt by dogs that were never given the simplest amount of training! Grrrrrrrrr.

    Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox again!

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    I would say that people that ignore the "leash law" ignore many other "laws" in life too. They have little respect for anything, including themselves. In general they are not people you would call a friend. (nor do their dogs)

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    I don't know and be thankful you have one so if something should happen you are easier being covered for any damage. Where i live they refuse to have a leash law and it's legal for dogs to run at large and do what ever tehy want. If they get in your garbage and you yourself doesn't clean up you can be fined.

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    Because those people probably think they are better than the law etc, and don't care about their dog. A lot of people think that their dog is trained and wont go across the street, or run after peple etc. Which in most cases, isn't the case.

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    They want it to get hit. I don't leash mine in the yard cuz they are never out alone and I have trned them well. It did take some time on a lead to get them this way. Now Mommy will yell at the pups if they get near the rd.

    Any where eld I use a lead I LOVE my babys

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    Ignorance. Some people think that their dogs are so well trained it won't stray from their yards but they DO and I have bite marks to prove it.

    There just aren't enough animal control officers to catch every one and we need to do our part and call in when we see a stray dog.

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    Because they are irresponsible pet owners. Most think their pet is to well behaved to be a threat to other animals. They are totally inconsiderate...

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