I need a tan cardigan to go with a shirt I bought. Does anyone know where I can find one? (in store or online)

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    You must not live in a big city like New York, or you wouldn't need to ask that question. But that's OK - that's why they have catalogues!!

    Even though I do live in a big city where I could buy anything I wanted just by walking down the street, I still very often use catalogues. If you do go to a store, please do not go to Target; you can do better than that without having to spend a fortune.

    My favorite catalogue is Land's End. You can definitely get a tan cardigan there! You can buy one in cashmere for a lot of money; you can buy one in lambswool for a lot less money; you can buy one in merino wool - (my personal favorite wool because it has body, holds its shape, yet is not bulky); you can get it in regular wool for a very reasonable price; and you can get one in a nice cotton that's thick enough to hold it's shape.

    Any one you choose in Land's End will be flattering, and they have them in all price ranges. When I need a basic, like a tan cardigan, that's where I would go.

    You can call them for a catalogue or you can go to them on-line. Here is the information:

    (1-800-526-3736) or


    Have fun shopping. Oh, by the way, they sell women's and men's clothes, as well as children's.

    Source(s): Many years of shopping from Land's End and looking good because of it.
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    banana republic

    j. crew

    urban behavior

    h and m


    basically anywhere

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    wetseal they have trendy yet classy ones

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