What does the phrase "Christian values" mean to you?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It's a disgusting phrase used to validate their hatred of non-Christians.

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    1 decade ago

    Historically, the phrase, "Christian values," has had many different meanings. Sometimes it has meant priests could marry, then other times not. Sometimes it has meant owning slaves, other times not. Sometimes it means exterminating the First Nations peoples, other times not. Sometimes it means rioting in the streets to preserve "Jim Crow" segregation, other times not. Right now, it appears "Christian values" include raping Iraqi women and murdering Iraqi children. Given that the "Christian" army of the US is exterminating on average 300 Iraqi noncombatants a month; it would appear genocide is as popular a Christian value now as it was when Jewish people were targeted by the Church and by the Church's allies in Germany, the Nazis.

    The question then becomes what is worse: that Christian values have so frequently encouraged persecution of others, or that Christian values are so clearly changing over time? Christian values apparently are not written in stone the way so many Christians would have you believe.

    As for myself, what does that phrase mean to me? Christian values, to me, mean a willingness to completely suspend rational thought, to attack critical analysis, and to submit to the dictates of loudmouth demagogues. Thank my own evolution-given intelligence to be bright enough not to be duped into such an irrational faith.

  • 5 years ago

    I think that saying "Good luck" is not normally, at least by most people, meant as an actually wishing of superstitious good fate to the other person. It's a traditional phrase that nowadays mostly means that you are hoping that everything goes right for the person and their future is bright. That doesn't have anything to do with different religions, it just has to do with being kind and hoping good things will happen to other people.

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    1 decade ago

    In addition to including most of the morals that I live by, and I must say that I feel quite comfortable with them having grown up in the US, a virtually christian run society, the term "Christian values" also includes some bazaar ideals.

    The christian idea of charity, for example, until it recently became fashionable to "do random acts of kindness" was more like dealing as the devil would. Christian donations seemed to always have an attached string of some kind even if it amounted to little more than free advertising for the church and in plenty of instances this is still true today.

    The christian view of politics, too, always had a kinky sort of selfishness that went something like this: "What's good for christians is good for all" and it's always been this kind of christian attitude that has dicotomised decisions over gay rights issues, birth and pregnancy issues and penal system issues.

    But overall, I have to admit that for the most part, I'm comfortable with the values of the average christian on the street. We're pretty much the same people when we stand side by side, (... except that I'm considerably smarter and much better looking.)


    For me, the term "christian values" is mostly just a tool of christian lobbying for christian politics and public opinion support. I see it as a propaganda slogan that's designed to set christianity apart from the ordinary and to give creedence to christian ideas. I don't see the term as meaning very much at all which could be etched in stone, that is, it can change with the wind. There are no values of it which are truly unique to christianity exclusively, but rather I recognize in the term "Christian values" that it has plasticity. The term is, as I see it, as maliable as christian leadership might require it to be in order to make itself heardfor any purpose and in any arena of public opinion.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There are many Christian values, theses values are not always limited to being a Christian. To make a long story short. I take it to mean

    Always do "the next right thing."

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    1 decade ago

    Narrow minds. Judgmental people. My kids having to be deal with explaining that no, everybody DOESN'T celebrate christmas/ easter/ whatever but yes we DO have holidays; and having ignorant mini-american children peer back in wide-eyed disbelief because their parents never told them differently. Lots of talk and no action. Anti-semitism in a strange alliance with some sort of misguided 'Israel - love'. (No, we AREN'T two branches of the same tree, and no we (Jews) don't "just believe the old testament"- it's called the Torah, and it's ours. The denial of civil rights. Ignorance. Racism. Bush. Pat Robertson. Failure to see beauty. Fixation on death instead of loving the diversity of the lives and minds we were given. Just...ignorance. Infinite, varied ignorance... And a harmed society. And it's unfortunate that that is my experience, but there's your point of view from an "exile in Goyville". aka the token PTA jew...

    Oh yeah, and having my daughter come home from kindergarten asking what hell is and why her friend said that HER mommy told her WE are going there because WE killed Jesus (Wow- how old does she think I AM??) and finally- private school tuition!

    Source(s): personal experience
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    1 decade ago

    "Values" of any type (Christian, family, traditional, etc) is a code word. One should be weary of any one who employs the term "values", because their "values" are usually rigid and dogmatic and quite inflexible in allowing others the liberty to apply their own values to their own lives and families.

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    To me these values are vast but simple. I believe one must be willing to follow the example of Jesus Christ for loved others more than Himself. He taught people how to love, care for others and how to die for others. He Has not ask everyone to give up this life in the flesh for Him. Yet He died that we all might know forgiveness of sin and Hope beyond understanding. He is alive for He has come out of the grave and walked among again on this earth, then He left this earth alive an well with this promise I shall come again for all who receive Him as Lord and Savior...His example are the values we must live by... Please remember Our God is the only God in the history of this world who is still alive. How do I know for His holy Word says so!

    Source(s): The Bible
  • Just reread the answers and see where the values really are..If you can't see the hatred in those messages,then read what the suppose Christains wrote..It will explain itself..

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    1 decade ago

    Buy one get one free bibles.

    Now that's a christian value!

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