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Why are radicals here so intent on instigating a fight?

Real men don't draw on the insane. Holster em six shooters n let's ride home. HEE HEE HA HA HA!

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    You made the right point. Institutions are intent on surpressing radicals who eventually over power the institutions and become the institutions and are in turn threatened by radicals...

    Source(s): sign in men's room; "Watch your aim pardner!"
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    I think this form of communication can be and is being used as a form of therapy for many people. The anonominity this media affords us an uncommon safety for utter openess of expression. Most people NEVER get to speak so emotionally in real life. There's a release of much pent-up anger and fear here. I think that is good.

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    Frustration breeds anger anger breeds a fight.

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