Are there any birds that I won't be allergic too?

I really want a bird but I am highly allergic to them (swelling and watery eyes, sneezing whenever I come near them.) Are there any birds that are hypoallergenic or any birds that I won't be allergic to?

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    1 decade ago
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    go to a pet shop and hang out with them.

    See which ones you react to.

    Birds are cool. I hope you can get one, I have had them all of my life and cant imagine being without them.

  • 1 decade ago

    Some birds are more likely to cause allergic reactions than others- the australian parrots, like cockatoos and cockatiels, tend to be very dusty and will bother a lot of people. Other birds, like conures are less dusty. If you can find a bird like a conure that isn't as dusty and you give it baths often, it might ot bother you. However, you should probably think about what you want in a pet bird. If you don't mind having a bird that you don't really handle, you might consider a pair of finches or a canary, or even a pair of parakeets (although parakeets do tend to flutter a lot of dust and debris out of their cages. Parakeets alone DO need human contact and companionship, so if you aren't going to handle them, I suggest getting two.)

  • kim
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    1 decade ago

    Usually the only allergy affecting birds are cockatoos, cockatiels & african greys. These birds creat alot of dust & dander. All others are fine but there are a few people who do have some allergy towards others too.

    As suggested, go to pet shops, breeders etc & see what you can handle & can't.

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    dont go for cockatoos or african greys who are powder based... go for more of the amazons or macaws that are oil based or if you have the money.. a Toucan or anacaris... i have a toco toucan, amazon, coaktoo and greys!

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