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I'm going on vacation w/ my family to a private beach house...?

...and unfortunately, there's no pets allowed, which means I'll have to leave my dog and kittens behind. :( Do you think it would be OK to sneak my hamsters in with me???

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    It could cause serious problems for your family if you were caught.

    How far are you going? A long trip could stress the little fella out and could even cause his death. I would ask the same people that are looking after your dog and kittens to also watch after the hamster.....tell them that YOU will clean him when you get back home.

    This is your vacation and you need to enjoy it without worrying about cleaning feeding, watering OR getting caught.

    Have a great vacation, they only come once a year!

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    No, do you really want to be the reason your family gets kicked out. Let whoever is taking care of the dog and cats take care of the hamsters too.

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    no. don't sneak your hamster. i know you prob. love your pets a lot but thnk about this. you are on vacation. if you brought the hamster along you would have to clean it, feed it. and that's not a vacation! just enjoy yourself at the beach!

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    I think that would cause a lot of stress to the animals. I would like to see some one do it though. But, I don't think you should.

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    Would it be worth the risk of being escorted out?

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