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Teen Friends?

We have been best friends for three years now,both 15. I am a guy and she is a girl. We were hanging out 1day at da zoo and just talking when a question came up. It was "what you think about nudism, do like being nude or not" Well it was ocward for the first one to answer afriad of what the other might say. I said first I think "its ok, I sleep nude and don't have problems with it." She thought for a bit and then replied saying ya me too its totaly alright. I have always been curious about meeting another who had the same opion on the subject. Her dad picked usup and brought me to her house waiting for my parents. He had to go get something real fast so he left. Since she was hot she took a shower. When done she walk in her room and threw her towl on da bed, not cing me. At first she was emberressed, but we then remembered our conversation. So I slip out of cloths. At first it was wierd, now we are total cool and always hang out nude by playing video games and watch movies. Is ths ok

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    I think that's really cool, but a bit unusual. Most guys would be wanting sex if they got to hang out with a naked girl.

    I swim topless in my pool all the time, and most of my friends have seen me and swam with me. The guys were mostly a bit weird at first but now they are cool. But its always no touching (otherwise M&D would have a fit and I would have to wear a bikini top, which sux) and I keep my bikini bottom on bc I am more comfy like that.

    It might get weird if you find a gf or she finds a bf though



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    In my opinoin I think that is extremely ackward and I suggest you don't hang around nude together......

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    thats kool that u two are close um have u kissed answer at

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