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can some1 please tell me how to get revenge on my neighbors?

My neighbors have been here for about a yearnow. ok. first they came and they were niceand sweet. then my dad got a 30000$ car and there dad got a 50000$ car after my dad. Then we got a big pool. Then in about 3 weeks they got a huge pool. afrter that we already had a trampoline and they would sneak over and jump on it while we werent home. well is stayed home and watched. i took my .357 mag and scared the freakin crap out if them. then their mom called the cops on me for doin that but the cop said it was ok cuz i was protectin my property. well after that incedent they got a tramploin. The kids are in 6th and 7th grade. one gay boy and a super shy girl. They invite there gay friends to annot us. so i just shoot my gun or cuss them out to make them go inside. there always trying to be better than my family. i want to kill them. the girl likes me and i hate the girl. please help me im in 8th grade and the girl will come to our school now o god i need a lot of help.sory its so long help!

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    I'm sorry to hear about your eccentric neighbors. However, I can assure you that threatening them with a gun is not a wise action to take. If you behave that way, you will have no legal rights on you side.

    I suggest that you verbally warn your neighbors that their behavior is inappropriate. Then give them written notice. If these steps do not work, then have a restraining order filled against them. Then, every time they are on your property, call the police.

    A gun is too harsh of a method to deal with people who are simply a nuisance.

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    Just lock all your doors and windows and get a gate or fench or whatever. Don't try to scare them away because that only makes them want to try to go over to your house more. Just tell them to get off your property and if they don't, then call the cops for trespassing or whatever. Good luck!

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    Report the men. They definitely are VERY stressful, and insist for them to get the room they performed in soundproofed. Imagine their mom and dad, despite the fact that-- they it sounds as if are watching for a motive to make him quit, except they don't seem to be there while they're gambling. So file. -L

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    I don't believe you. Stop asking fake questions.

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    i hope they call the police on you.

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