I am researching the Religion Wicca for college and I need some help?

I have visit Wicca websites and there are no citations or references. I would also like opposing view points, but please be considerate and respectful.


my email is calico50000@yahoo.com if any of you would like to contact me. Thanks for the information that I have received so far.

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    I would recommend witchvox.com if you haven't tried that already.

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    Wicca for the rest of us, http://wicca.timerift.net/ is from a historian...it is worth your time.

    Any good website will state what tradition or organization it is affiliated with.

    The Spiral Dance is *NOT* well regarded in Wiccan circles as a scholarly source on Wicca for two reasons, one it's not a scholarly work, but an inspirational one and two, it's not about Wicca, and the author doesn't claim it is.

    It may be your earlier poster was referencing Drawing Down the Moon, which came out the same year, IIRC.

    Drawing Down the Moon is an excellent survey of Pagan religions in the US. Triumph of the Moon by Ronald Hutton is an excellent historical discussion of Wicca.

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    Frankly much of the Wiccan stuff isn't much older than I am.

    For better credentials you should consider going through the anthropological information on indigenous religions, particularly those from Europe. The modern Wicca movement is an attempt to revive a concept almost obliterated by Christianity. With few exceptions none of the Wiccan traditions of today are very old, but they are extremely sincere. Many are attracted to Wicca because they can define their own rituals and traditions from concepts that mean things to the practitioner. In all likelihood much of the symbolism of 1100 AD wouldn't mean much but perhaps contemporary items may be more significant.

    Please bear with us we're still working on it.

    Blessed Be

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    Witchvox.com and the book, "The Spiral Dance" are considered highly reputable in the wiccan community.

    I am not sure what citations you're looking for...wicca is a religion more or less invented by Gardner. I'm sure you can find out details on wikipedia. It's an earth-based pagan religion. Their central tenet is "if it harms no one, do whatever you want" (though they often phrase it slightly differently). There are a number of variations on the theme: solitary witch, kitchen witch, witches who practice in covens, etc.

    Fun project. enjoy.

    Source(s): Atheist with a wiccan daughter
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    An excellent book, believe it or not, is The Idiot's Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft. Another is The Spiral Dance, by Starhawk. Start with those two, and go from there.

    I am a Wiccan myself, and I run a small teaching coven. If you need more help or advice, let me know.

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    I am not sure what you mean by opposing views. Religion is by its nature subjective and therefore not really in a position to be opposed. That is, there is no way to prove anything about it, so arguing is futile at best, stupid at worst.

    That all being said, you can find some information about Wicca and recommended reading at http://www.sacredhearth.com/articles/whatiswicca

    You can't really study anything, much less a religion based on websites. I suggest you read the recommended reading.

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    I personally would suggest going to the COG website to see if they can put you in contact with a real person you can talk to about Wicca.

    Most of the websites I've seen out there are by people who know next to nothing about what Wicca really is and who it was intended for.

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    I know several women who are wiccans. They are mostly sweet but a little goofy. One is an outright man-hating demon! From what I know, wicca is a type of pagan worship which worships inanimate objects like trees, rocks, etc. and animals. For me, I worship the One who created these things, not the thing it's self. Try a search on witches, satan worship, cults, etc. good luck

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    The central rule of wicca is "do what thou wilt as long as it harm none".

    Wicca is "The Old Religion" pretty much any pagan practices come under wicca. It's branched into lots of different pagan and new age practises. Since the religion grew through folklore and word of mouth there is no doctrinal text at all. It's best to go to religioustolerance.org and search it there, or wiki it.

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    Look for a CUUPS chapter near you. Some have wicca classes and they can usually point you to some reference material.

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