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How do i get my parents to agree with me?

I want to buy a laptop for school purposes.....and i want my parents to pay half of the price cuz i dont want to pay that much....i want to make it reasonable.....i could use it great for high school and i'm planning a fundraiser too so it would halp a lot!! do i get my parents to go with it?

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    Golden's mom has the answer. You have to sit down and talk with them, but let them do most of the talking. Before doing this, write down what you want and why you want it. Then tell them what you want and why. Next, listen to all of their reasons for saying no and write them down. Thank them for taking the time to listen to and consider your request. Next, look over their rebuttals and come up with some good "counter negotiations". Once you are able to convince your parents that buying the computer is beneficial to them as well, they may be more inclined to pay half.

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    Honestly, if I were the parent..

    If you were proposing this half and half deal, I would want to see that you already had your half ready. That shows responsisbility and that you are serious about wanting it.

    You say you need it so bad but dont want to pay that much. What makes you think your parents would want to pay that much? I would want to hear something like you have half and would like me to front half and reduce your allowance or make monthly payments until it is paid for.

    Laptops are expensive. Your best chance is to show them that you are old enough and mature enough to have one.

    Also, I would want to see that you are responsible with your other expensive belongings. Have you lost your cell phone? Ipod still in good shape? I dont know if you have those specific things or not, but I'm sure you get the point. A laptop is an expensive thing to have torn up before you hardly get to use it.

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    You can't force them to pay half of a very expensive luxury. Just do alot of fundraising and buy one on your own! If you're in high school, you're old enough to do it yourself, plus if your parents see your hard work, they might be willing to contribute.

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