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How much food should I be feeding my cat?

My tabby is 2 years old and weighs 14.5lbs. I tried to cut back to feeding him twice a day instead of 3 times. At about lunchtime he crys and crys for food. Today he even attcked my leg as I walked by his room!! What is the righ portions I shold be giving him and how many times a day? I don't want a FAT unhealthy cat. I should mention he is very active also.

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    Good for you! Nip this thing in the bud. 14.5 pounds is probably on the heavy side, but it's not horrendous - like my formerly 25 pound girl here.

    It's not the number of times you feed, but what you feed and how much that's at issue. If you're able to feed three times a day, just split the total amount into three and you'll all be happy! I can only feed twice per day, but when I'm home, I split it into 3.

    Because of Poppy's weight issues, I did a lot of research into this, and found that it's really quite simple - feed species appropriate food. That means a raw diet or a good quality canned food. I have gone with the canned food, and it has worked!

    Also, here's a formula that you can use. Set your cat's desired weight. They should eat about 20-30 calories per lb of ideal body weight per day adjusted for the individual. For Poppy, her ideal weight is 15 pounds. That means she can eat 375 calories per day (going by 25 calories)!

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    Not knowing what you feed your cat, it's hard to say for sure, but I think your best option is to get him on a high nutritional content food, like Science Diet.

    Before you make any diet decisions though, you really should talk with your vet. This will rule out any other problems that might be causing the excess weight in your baby, and establish a vet approved diet plan, so you can be sure that your kitty is getting enough nutrition (regardless of any protests you might get from the little guy) and how you can help him not feel so hungry during your transition to a new diet.

    Both my cats are on Science Diet canned food they get 1/3 can 3 times a day and are doing great. Even though the food can says they should get a bit more than that (Lord, they'd be 15 pounds each if I fed them all that the can said I should...LOL). My vet also told me that I could mix a tablespoon of wheat bran (I got it from the health food store) if it seemed like they were still hungry (it gives them that full feeling without adding any additional fat or calories) but it was never necessary.

    I also think that your cat might just not be liking your new 2 times a day feeding routine. I would take whatever total amount you are feeding him for the two times a day and divide it up to get back to the 3 times a day feeding. Cats like routine. I don't think it will even phase him that you're giving him less if he's still getting fed on his regular schedule.

    Just keep him active (I've leash trained my cats, so we all go for walks when it's not so freaking hot outside (it's been like 110 every day lately). It's just something new for them and encourages some extra activity. I also try and get them a new 'chase me around' type toy every few weeks, to keep them interested in running around.

    I think you guys will be fine in no time. Just try not to get discouraged because he won't start to lose weight right away.

    Oh and make sure he has lots of fresh water. Keeping him well hydrated will help him with the weight loss too.

    Good Luck :-)

    Source(s): Proudly owned by two wonderful kitties!
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    I think you should feed him about 2-3 times a day, and 1/8 cup of dry food, and if he likes wet food - very little of that at maybe 1 or 2 of those feeding times. I had the same problem, cuz i have 3 cats...2 of them are at a good weight but my tabby is really obese!! she's like 18 we went to the vet and realized we were giving her way too much...1/8 cup may not seem like a lot at all but cat's have much smaller stomachs....soo just try to get your kitty on a set schedule and hopefully he will stop begging for food (like mine did) ...oh and also, if you like to give him treats...only give him like ONE every so often...not everyday..

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    Technically cats and dogs only need to be fed once a day. Your cat has just gotten used to the routine so when that time comes for it to eat it expects you to feed it. Two times a day is fine for a cat. Just keep feeding it two times a day and eventually it will get use to that schedule.

    Set out some dry food for it and then a half a can of wet food.

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    What I have is a feeder and it is a plastic container that has a bottom tray that you can take off the container and it also has a lid to it. I use that to put the cat food in and my cat will eat her food when she wants to. When my cat is hungry then she will eat. I don't have to worry how much I have to give her because this container has a small tray on it where the food is and it is enough for her to eat when she wants to. I hope this will help.

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    Get one of the Science diet dry cat foods from a Wallmart, Petsmart, or your vet for over weight cats. I leave my cats food in a vacation feed bowl and let them eat when ever they want. Cats are normally nibblers rather than gobblers like dogs. My cats are not over weight so I use Purina Cat Chow. On Sundays and Religious and Military (I am a Viet Nam Era Disabled Veteran) holidays I give my cats their favorite wet canned food---canned people tuna packed in water. You should ask the vet about what your cat should weigh according to breed, age, and build. He will tell you what specific diet he should be on and how often and how much you should feed him. The vet is the best to give you this information as so much of this varies from cat to cat. Good luck. You are a wonderful person the your cat chose to own as you are concerned enough to ask about this for the cats well-being. God bless your cat for picking you as his caregiver. We do not own out pets they own us.

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    maybe you should ask a pet shop or a vet if they can suggest a fat free diet i had my cat on science diet that seems to work well an you can get a fat free one of them and you should just give him dry food throughout the day an wet food at night

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    I have had cats all my life.Cats eat several times a day and eat a little each time so it is recommended that they always have food in there bowl since the nibble threw out the day.

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    change his food to a diet type that u can get in the pet stores and then he can still eat and loose weight.

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