2 quick questions.. 1 regarding downgrading AIM, 2 about my Sony VAIO?

1) Once upgrading to AIM 6.0 how can I downgrade to the last version? Will uninstalling the program downgrade to the last version, or is there a website with previous AIM versions?

2) How much power (voltage, whatever) does my Sony VAIO laptop model PCG-72AL use while it is on? I have the monitor turn off after 10 minutes, but no stand by mode activates. It says 19.5V on the bottom, does having the monitor turn off save any power? How else can I save power while having it on (I think standby mode closes all my programs/open applications - I want to be able to keep all open windows active & open at all times)?


Can anyone tell me approximately how much power/electricity my laptop uses per day if it is on constantly? Or how I can calculate that on my own?

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    1 decade ago
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    I believe uninstalling and reinstalling AIM would be needed.

    Version 5.9 is still available here: http://www.aim.com/download.adp

    Of course, another program entirely can be used:


    As far as power reduction, the units of measure are watts.

    The maximum wattage the computer could use is marked.

    You can't use standby or hibernate modes without suspending all running programs.

    Your wattage will reduce when the backlight for the screen goes off. If you have a screen saver with complex graphics, make it something simple instead.

    You can reduce your power useage further by slowing down your computer (CPU) and having the hard drive shut down after a short period of inactivity. Most laptops have these settings available, but they reduce performance.

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