what is the pain in the side of my knee?

Its a weird feeling, like a muscle or tendon the left side of my left knee. It doesnt hurt all the time just in certain positions. O can feel it most when I stand up straight, lock my knee and lean to the left side (side of pain). It feels like that stretches it out and the pain gradually goes away. But i can wait 5 seconds and try it again the pain will still be there. I usually play basketball but its been almost a month since I have done anyhing like that.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It might be your ACL, you might want to see a doctor. I shatterred my ACL and I needed surgery. Its potentially very serious.

  • 4 years ago

    That type of sucks that they do not assist you to see a different dr. When my dad was once going to the va, it appeared that they placed him via each and every dr. they'd. But that was once 30 years in the past and the final time he was once there he was once despatched to a nursing house as a substitute. So I wager it does not shock me. What you would have, when you have had a knee damage is the tendon for the kneecap tightened up on you. When it tightens up it pulls the kneecap up on and into the knee, which might make it tough and painful to bend it. The muscle groups react to discomfort by means of shortening up the tendons and that explanations the muscle to be shorter than it will have to be after which it pulls at the finish with the least quantity of resistance. Once you unencumber the tendon on your kneecap the kneecap might be in a position to return to it is rightful location and the trials will have to give up. Here is the way to unencumber that tendon on your kneecap: Kneecaps: Do whilst sitting on a chair and not using a entrance go braces. While sitting have your leg resting in a stretched mode. Place each your thumbs, aspect by means of aspect, approximately two inches at the back of the kneecap and press down into your leg after which redirect the strain just a little in the direction of the kneecap. After 30 seconds, slowly slide your foot again and beneath your chair so far as it's going to move, unencumber the strain however keep your foot there for a different 30 seconds. For this the principal factor is the strain down at the leg, if there is not adequate this may not take. If you run into that concern take a look at it once more instantly. Also earlier than beginning, take a deep breath and exhale, then attempt to hold your frame this cozy for first-class outcome.

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