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How many lady guitar players are there?

What is your guesstimate of how many females play guitar out of the total amount of people that do?

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    I would say around 5 out of every 100 guitar players

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    Probablt at least 1/3 of guitarist are female. A lot just aren't famous for it. Women usually get more popular for singing and/or playing piano, while guys get famous for playing guitar, bass and drums more often.

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    that's too hard to say, there are alot more female guitars players than I think they get credit for! here are my top 5 female guitarists:

    1. Courtney Love

    2. Melissa Auf Der Maur

    3. melissa Etheridge

    4. jewel

    5. joan jett

    Source(s): here's a list of famous guitarist as you can see they are mostly male:
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    Not enough, and some of the best guitarists are ladies.

    Source(s): Kelly Richey!
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    and me [i am a girl)

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