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strange feelin abt d relationshp m in rite nw?

Lately I have started feeling weird. I am in a perfectly happy relationship with my boy friend and we are soon going to celebrate our first anniversary together.

I have started thinking about life before I had a boyfriend. He is my first boyfriend and I'm 16. I and my friends used to hang out do such fun stuff together but nowadays I feel as though I'm in a barrier bound by love. I don't understand this. I feel as though I want to go back in the time where I was single and tension free with no restrictions and just thinking about yourself and stuff.

I don't want to break up with my boyfriend coz he'z a perfect sweetheart and I dont wana break his heart but I know that all those good times cant come back with him in my life as he was not a part of my friend circle. I feel as though I dont wana b in a relationship anymore and just want to be free and have the freedom to do anything I wish. What should I do? If you suggest breaking up with my boyfriend how shud I do it?

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    Do you think you went overboard spending too much time with your boyfriend? (It's a natural thing...wanting to be with someone you really like/love.)

    Maybe you're missing your friends and your free time because your time is consumed by your boyfriend, thoughts of your boyfriend, etc.

    My suggestion is to give yourself some distance from the relationship -- not necessarily breaking up but it's okay not to spend 24/7 with him. Spend time with your friends, family, and even yourself. If he's a good guy, he'll understand your need to reconnect with the other people you love. If he doesn't or demands that you spend time with him only, then you might start thinking about ending the relationship.

    If you want to end it, be honest with him and tell him what you said above. Good luck.

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    Right now it sounds like you have too much "couple" time and what you need is more "single" time. I don't think that you need to break up with him, necessarily. Just explain to him that you really miss hanging out with your friends and that you think that you 2 should only see each other 4 days instead of 7 days a week. The other 3 days you will be able to call your friends and hang out with them again. Or visa Versa 3 with him and 4 with your friends. You are only 16 as you said and should not be tied down completely in a relationship just yet. If he understands then it was meant for you to stay together. If he doesn't understand then he is not the one for you and you need to just simply end it. If he is as sweet as you say then he should be the understanding type.

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