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I really need to GAIN weight quick!... I need some advice please!?

ok i really need to gain some weight by the first week of August because i am going on a trip.

right now i am around 6'5" and 170 lbs and i need to get up to 180-185 lbs by that time.

can you please give me advice to gain the weight like diets, plans, etc...?!

(p.s. please dont say eat fast food)

i just started drinking a gallon of milk every 2 days and taking a couple weight gain drinks every day but i need to do more...

so PLEASE can you help me? i am in desperate need to gain weight!!!!!!!

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    If you want to gain healthy weight(muscle weight) lift weights and take creatine or protein shakes.

    If you just want to gain weight, eat more often during the day and bigger portions.

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