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what r ur favorite baby names?

wat r ur favorite names that r different/exotic? i like the name asia. do u like it for a little girl?

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    my name is Asia but i spell it A-s-y-a. My favorite exotic/difrent name would be Brooklyn Jade and Pheonix Rose. so Asia is a nice name.. i mean its my

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    We are naming our little girl Sage Dominique. I have been told by some that Sage is a boys name, but i would never name a boy Sage uh ah nope. Listen to songs you like to find different names. We came up with Sage from the song Scarborough Fair, an older song. It says "Parsely, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme". All spices, my husband was joiking saying we needed to have 4 more kids and name them those names. At first i laughed and said "Umm no". Then i thought about it more and really like the name Sage. I only know of two people with this name, one being a a son of a boxer and the other who lives several states away. Soooo that is my idea of a different/exotic name. What ever you decide on, please make sure that you think about the little girls future as an adult. Don't do what some people do and give her a nickname for a name, if you like the nickname give her the full name so she can choose to use the full name when older if she wants.

    Good luck and yes Asia is exotic, but i have heard it more often then others. Also several people have suggested it as a name on here too.

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  • Mario Joseph

    Vanessa Anne

    Lawrence Sebastian

    Christina Marie

    Gabriel Hector

    Sabrina Rose

  • Anonymous
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    Asia is very pretty..=)

    Holland, Ariana, Pilar, Madigan, Tierney

    Damian, Mercer, Dack, Keller, Troy, Jaxson

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  • faina
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    Amaya is rather i like Josie as a nickname for Josephine/Josephina. Ava, Lexie and Emmie are too universal genuine now. Taylor is a final call (to me). i like the call Robert for a boy. this is enhanced and greater masculine than Bobbie, yet Bobbie could be a nickname on an identical time as he's little. i like Logan besides. Mason is purely too universal, and Freddie is barely a nickname for Frederick. Luca and Reuben are ok, for the awesome new child.

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    Asia is such a pretty name! These are my top names-


    lily grace

    ellie mae

    asia mae

    natalie grace


    Trevor joseph

    maxwell joseph

    thomas grant

    trevor carson

    good luck!

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    I like the name Asia as well, it is very nice name. I also like









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    Audra Elizabeth and Conrad Troy

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    i don't have any favorite for exotic names, but i love alexa.

    asia sounds nice for a girl.

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    Asia is my friends cats name. lol its cute just not for a human. what about Anastasia?

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