medical insurance is crazy?

how is it fair that i get up every day go to work put in my time dont cause trouble pay my taxes basicliy be a good citizenand cant get one dimes worth of insurance.boy something aint right here.

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    Where do I start?

    Do you work full time or part time? Many companies exclude part time workers from health insurance. If that is the case then depending on your income, you may qualify for government assistance. Every state varies but they all have a specific number. Usually it is a percentage of the federal poverty level. Many people qualify but they do not know it and the government doesn't advertise it.

    If you need immediate care, there are other options in some cities. Many cities now have clinics in retail stores that will charge a nominal fee for a visit.

    I will try to help you but unless I know more about your situation and your city/state I can't give many specifics. Contact me if you wish.

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    What the coverage is most commonly inquiring for is a precertification or preauthorization. This essentially signifies that the healthcare professional demands to end up that the surgical procedure is medically fundamental and that different remedies don't seem to be an alternative - both seeing that of beyond trial and failure or simply now not feasible for his situation. Since surgical care is instead high priced (they need to pay for the pre-operative and put up-operative care, the health center facility, any checking out, the anesthesia and anesthesiologist, the health practitioner, AND any medicinal drugs) they are now not going to simply provide a clean verify, they wish them to leap through hoops for it to be certain they are now not simply doing it for funsies. Ask the healthcare professional's workplace - mainly the health practitioner's workplace (be certain you've gotten a legitimate referral to the health practitioner from his steady healthcare professional - in case your plan calls for them) to name and precertifiy the approach. The health practitioner's workplace will provide the distinctive systems and what's wanted and in which's it'll be performed, and your son's steady healthcare professional may also be on deck to furnish any assisting knowledge. (Such as WHY he noted the health practitioner.)

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    Medical insurance isn't run by the government in the US. Unless your employer offers it as a group plan you are on your own. And its expensive. You can try to join a group, like AARP if you are old enough, or a fraternal organization that will offer some type of group health insurance at a discount.

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    The price has been driven up in part by stupid things such as mental illness, AIDS, and bad lifestyles.

    Don't fall for one of those discounted rate plans as suggested below. Instead of doling that, you can negotiate your discounts the same as a discount plan company would, so a monthly fee is hardly anything more than a ripoff, IMO.

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    Medical insurance is crazy. For my husband and I, we pay $766. a month with $1000. deductible. (Blue Cross) I often think that maybe I should just save that amount each month and cancel the insurance. We surely need a better system.

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    There is a health benefits company called Ameriplan. It gives you discounted rates at doctor's offices, hospitals, dentists, chiropractic, cosmetic, they have a good prescription plan and vision too. It's all under $40.00 a month. Google it you'll see.

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    We need to socialize medicine in the US.

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