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Does anyone know at what age a Shih-Tzu's coat changes?

My baby is 9mo. old now. The texture of his hair seems to have changed. He also matts more. I can groom him in the am & by pm he needs it again. Someone told me they do have a coat change at some point. Is that true? If so when?

wolud also like to know at what age are they full grown and at what age are you sure of their coat color?

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    Your baby is shedding the undercoat and getting its adult hair. This causes the matting. It will stop as soon as the adult hair is in. You have to brush a few times a day during this stage. I personally took my shih tzu and had her cut short in a puppy cut during this period. It was easier on her and on me. If you have any tear stain problems I use a product called eye envy and get it from a wonderful lady on ebay who has alot of good information on her site. She will answer questions as often as you need to ask.

  • "Many Shih Tzu "change coat" at about ten to twelve months of age. It seems, during this stage, that they mat faster than you can brush. Be patient, however, and keep brushing; this is a temporary stage that usually lasts for about three weeks, and once the dog has changed from his puppy coat to his adult coat, you will generally find him easier to care for."

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    Shih Tzu Coat Change

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