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how do i take care of my makeup brushes?

I just splurged on a whole lot of mac makeup brushes and i totally forgot to ask how to take care of them. i spent alot of money so i want to make sure they last as long as possible. whats the best way to take care of them?


do i clean after every use of just like once a week?

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    Buy brush cleaner from the Body Shop. It's only $10 and it's worth it for such expensive brushes. Just spray it on the brushes and clean them with a tissue or a facecloth.

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    I have mac brushes aswell and i'm achaully Going to work there soon.

    Yes mac is exspencive BUT it wont let you down. meaning what ever you haev tryed alredy. dont worry Highly dough you will ruin them..

    For the shadow brushed Get warm water and liquid soap. i have a brush thati use different colors every day. so just do that. and when your not using it put the brush somewhere to dry after washing. just a light wash. when ever you think needed.:)

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    I went through alot of nice makeup brushes before I found out a way to keep them nice. The BEST way, is to fill up a sink, bowl whichever with warm water, add liquid soap in it (hand soap is fine), just to get the bubbles going. Then soak your brushes in them for a good 10 minutes or so. Then take it out, dump out the water, keep the faucet running, and swish your brushes gently around to make sure the soap is out, rinse it out one more time under the warm water. take a towel, wrap it around the bristles and gently press to get out the water. Reshape, then leave it to air dry, and voila! Make sure you clean it at least once a week to get rid of any germs that might hide in the brushes!

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    At Mac here in my country, they sell certain solutions for cleaning the brushes. The brushes are made up of real hair and it is important to take care of them and clean them constantly.

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    Clean it with the brush cleanser once every two weeks or so. keep them all in a seperate makeup bag. clean the makeup bag too so it doesn't collect more bacteria after you just washed your brushes.

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    Wash them with your shampoo (provided you purchase good shampoo), towel blot-never scrub them, and let them air dry. They will be dry the next day.

    It is a cosmetologist trade secret (I still hold my license).

    Take care and enjoy.

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