What is the most scenic route from sacramento to osh kosh wiscconson for picture taking?

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    hello,here"s one route,dont know about picture taking,you have a 2000 thousand mile journey,there must be something along the way?

    From: Sacramento, CA

    Drive: 2,096 mi – about 1 day 6 hours

    2,096 mi – about 1 day 6 hours

    1. Head north on 12th St toward J St 207 ft

    2. Turn right at J St 0.3 mi

    2 mins

    3. Turn left at 16th St/CA-160 N

    Continue to follow CA-160 N 3.4 mi

    6 mins

    4. Take the ramp onto Capital City Fwy 5.0 mi

    6 mins

    5. Merge onto I-80 E

    Passing through Nevada

    Entering Utah 638 mi

    8 hours 53 mins

    6. Take the exit onto I-15 S/I-80 E 2.8 mi

    3 mins

    7. Take exit 304 to merge onto I-80 E toward Cheyenne

    Passing through Wyoming, Nebraska

    Entering Iowa 1,053 mi

    14 hours 24 mins

    8. Take exit 123B to merge onto I-35 N/I-80 E toward Chicago/Minneapolis

    Continue to follow I-80 E 116 mi

    1 hour 43 mins

    9. Take exit 239B to merge onto I-380 N/IA-27 N/US-218 N toward Cedar Rapids/Waterloo 16.5 mi

    16 mins

    10. Take exit 16A to merge onto US-151 N/US-30 E toward Mt Vernon 6.9 mi

    7 mins

    11. Merge onto IA-13 N/US-151 N via the ramp to Marion 8.0 mi

    9 mins

    12. Turn right at Dubuque Rd/US-151 N

    Continue to follow US-151 N 56.5 mi

    55 mins

    13. Take the US-61 S/US-151 N ramp to Dobuque 0.8 mi

    1 min

    14. Merge onto US-151 N/US-61 N 3.8 mi

    5 mins

    15. Take the Grandview Ave ramp 0.3 mi

    1 min

    16. Merge onto US-151 N/US-52 N/US-61 N

    Continue to follow US-151 N

    Entering Wisconsin 88.3 mi

    1 hour 29 mins

    17. Take the ramp onto W Beltline Hwy/US-12 E/US-14 E/US-151 N/US-18 E

    Continue to follow US-12 E/US-18 E 9.2 mi

    11 mins

    18. Take exit 267B on the left to merge onto I-39 N/I-90 W toward I-94/Milwaukee/Wisconsin Dells 5.9 mi

    6 mins

    19. Take exit 135A-B-C to merge onto US-151 N toward Sun Prairie 50.8 mi

    50 mins

    20. Merge onto WI-26 N via the ramp to Rosendale/Oshkosh 22.6 mi

    29 mins

    21. Turn left to merge onto US-41 N toward Oshkosh/Appleton/Green Bay 3.9 mi

    5 mins

    22. Take exit 117 for 9th Ave 0.2 mi

    23. Turn right at W 9th Ave 1.4 mi

    4 mins

    24. Turn left at Ohio St/WI-44

    Continue to follow WI-44 1.2 mi

    4 mins

    To: Oshkosh, WI

    your there,did you get any good shots??good luck.

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