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I want to give away 100 bookbags w/ pencils, paper, etc to needy kids. Please help me find a discount site.?

While I really want to help my search has not returned much and I can not afford to spend hundreds of dollars. I need a good bulk or wholesale company. Twenty cents off of $1.99 is not much of a difference when your buying a hundred.


Thanks to the smart a** below I must clear things up. There are some local kids that do not have alot and I want to help, but am a single mother myself. While I do work and have no problem at all providing for my son, I can not afford to buy what they all need at regular prices. Tell me what a donation to a national charity or organization is going to do for the neighborhood kids who will be starting school shortly. I can not understand how anyone can get upset with someone that is trying to do their part no matter how little to help. You sir or madam are what is wrong with the world and why I feel such a great need to help our children. By the way I have donated to many charities over the years what about you.

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    I'm sorry don't know of any discount houses, but I would suggest you try e-bay. And the most needy children i can think of are, our Native children on reservations, such as Pine Ridge or Rosebud the last i heard,over 40% of our children on the reservations are reading below grade level. I urge everyone to help these children.

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    first off you said giveaway to needy kids. if this is true why do you need to find a dicount site when you should just give them to say like the community center or the salvation army or some other charity? The nerve of some people to try and take from the needy to help themselves in some way or another.

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