I am Leaving to Californa on a plane i am scared!?

I am using my sis account i am 12 and am woried that the plane might crash or if i get thirsty and cant get something to drink or if i have to go pee and i know where it is but i dont wannna get people mad at me i am going to see my aunt i havent seen for 1 yr for 3 weeks i am leaving this tuesday


I am travling alone

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    Just bring a person with you and a bag uncase you puke thats what i did:-0

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    Geuss who it is? Evelene, remmeber? I'm on your Instant messagin list!

    I didn't know you were only 12, lol, anyway....this is what you should do!!

    Don't worry, the plane will not crash. I'v been ona plane at least a million times and it's never crashed! I went ona plane by myself when I was 8 and was scared too! I brought a headset with me (Ipod's hadn't been invented yet! so bring one of those instead) and listened to familiar music to feel more at home. Also, in my carry-on bag I brought a book, a hairbrush, chapstick (has to be sealed in a ziplock bag) a mirror, tissue paper, a notebad and a pen, and some girl magazines. I also bought gum at the little booth near the plane loading are and chewd that when the plane was taking of and landing. Also, bring 10 dollars on the plane because you might peobably will get hungry and the flight attendent will ask people if they wanna buy food.

    You also can bring a portable DVD player and just watch movies on the plane. That's a good way to blow the hours, but they also play a movie on the TV's on the plane.

    But it might not be a movie you like!

    Anyway, the bathroom are small and at the middle and very back of the plane. Just walk to the back and ask a flight attendent (don't be scared, theyre nice) where it is.

    They give you a blanket and pillow for the ride so you can take a nap if you want.

    You cant bring any food and drink from home on the plane, but you can buy some past the checking point! It's cheaper and better tasting than the airplane food they sell you!

    Good Luck, and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Your 12 and your flying thats super~stay calm. Bring something to read or some music to listen too. If you like to draw you can do this too. Once the captain turns off the fasten seat belt sign and makes it okay for electronics you can play games, etc.... Some flights have movies or tvs in the seats. Its very unlikely the plane will crash, this is rare. Car crashes are more likely to happen.

    If you are thirsty just ask one of the stewardess for a drink,

    theres a button above your head near the air vent to call for

    one of them if you are thirsty. They have a selection of beverages for you. Most of the time

    they come around with a drink and a snack. If you need to use

    the restroom there are usually 2 or 3 restrooms on board, one at the back and towards the front of the aircraft. If you have to get up the person next to you will move for you or ask them for an isle seat.

    12 year olds get treated real well when flying alone, the flight attendants want to make sure your safe and you get what need. Don't be scared, the time will fly by and soon you'll be landing and seeing your family.

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    I'm 28 and still get really nervous about flying. I flew last week and was really worried about it but it's soon over. Lots of people are nervous about flying if they're not used to it. Actually flying is statistically safer than travelling by car, boat or any form of transport but it can be a strange experience.

    I started flying alone when I was only 5 and went to stay with relatives. It was called as "Young Flyer" in those days. I used to get given colouring books and pencils. I can't promise your experience will be similar but the airhostesses and stewards are very well trained and used to dealing with nervous passengers, especially young ones.

    You don't say whether you are flying alone or with a companion. If you are travelling alone you should mention it at the check in desk at the airport and they will arrange for someone to keep an eye on you during the flight. As for using the toilet and getting a drink the air hostess or steward will be happy to help. Before the plane takes off there will be a short demonstration giving lots of information about safety things like seatbelts and so on and they will tell you where the toilets are. There are certain times when you have to stay in your seat like when the plane is taking off. Above your seat you will find a special button which you can press any time if you want to talk to an air hostess or steward or ask for a drink.

    If you still feel nervous its best to talk to someone you know who is used to flying. Once you've landed and met up with your aunt you'll feel really proud of yourself for being so brave.

    Have a great time.

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    1) the plane isn't going to crash..

    If you get thirsty, simply ask the person next to you that you want to get up and they'll let you (People aren't that much of pigs when they fly) Then simply ask the air hostess/stewardess girl that you would like a drink of whatever

    If you have to go pee, simply ask the person next to you that you need to get up, you don't need to explain to them why, but if you want, say you're "Stretching your legs"

    A little tip- if you haven't flown, A really good thing to do is to pinch your nose so you can't breathe out of it and then breathe out really hard through your nose, it'll equalise the pressure in you ears (Stop them from hurting) Just keep doing that until you've taken off and stop feeling strange. (It's what scuba divers do when they go under water to sort out the pressure changes and really does work)

    Or you may want to try sucking on a hard sweet - anything to keep swallowing because that helps the ears too.

    Good Luck and enjoy your flight.

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    The attendents on the plane will treat you very well. There'll be both things to drink and a bathroom to use, and they will show you what you need to do to use it.

    Have a good trip and say hi to your aunt for me--i think we met in another life.

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    flight attendants are really nice...... there is only about a 1 in a billion chance the plane could crash so no worries. I say go tot he bathroom whenever you want.... that's what it there for and who cares what other people think of you..... you'll never see them again.

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    well it depends on the air flight u r takin so if the service is excellent, u shouldnt b worried.

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    There is nothing to be scared about.

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