how should i get my friendship back w/ a guy i slept with?

I had this friend, and we decided to be friends with benefits. It ended when i got a boyfriend. But now we barely talk. I miss my friend. He doesn't really call me back and barely responds to texts. Is it possible to get our friendship back, or should i forget about him?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Friends with benefits? That's probably the saddest lie anyone has ever told anyone to get laid. Friends with benefits are called "lovers." You're only allowed one at a time, so as long as you are with your current boyfriend, you can forget your "friend without benefits," because he is now your ex.

    Trying to get back together as friends will make him loose any respect he still might have for you, and it will be extremely awkward. Trying to get back together at all if your current relationship ends will lead him to expect the friends with benefits status to resume, or he will want to be your boyfriend... but without any of the troublesome obligations that title normally involves.

  • 1 decade ago

    Didnt u see that seinfeld episode. You can have this and that

    without the other. He misses the s_x i guarantee U

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