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I have some hair questions?

I have two questions:

1) Do girls mind hair downstairs?

2) Do girls mind a hairy chest?

Thanks in advance =D

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    well idk

    if you have alot then you should maybe consider triming it

    and the hairy chest

    not alot of girls mind it at all

  • Anonymous
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    A little hair downstairs on men is all good, but you might want to keep an eye on your little forest if it gets to out of hand just give it a trim. Hairy chest's arn't my thing but some girls love it, i suppose if you love the person that your with hair or no hair doesn't make a difference!!!

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    I want there to be hair downstairs, but keep it maintained. I much prefer a chest without any hair on it because my husband still has nothing other than some fine, blond hair that he was probably born with.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    some girls don't mind hair downstairs but some's all just a matter of preference to the girl individually.........and the same goes for a hairy chest.........

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    i used to hate it.. and then i dated a guy that had both...... and now i love it! :( i miss him.................

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