how can you tell one of your guy friends that you love him more then just as a friend?

I have a really good friend of mine named Landon and I really like him.I wrote a letter to him explaining that I like him and stuff though I still have'nt givin it to him. I think about him alot and I'v never really liked a guy this much as I have with him. He is really nice to me and I can tell he likes me. He says he doesnt when his lil' brother teases him about it but I can tell he really does. I love hanging out and being great friends and I know if we went out it wouldnt be much any diffrent then it would be now. how can I telll him I like him! We dont go to the same schools so I only get to see him now--in the summertime or on the weekends. Should I just go ahead and tell him this summer before I go back to school and regret it at the school year? I need help! please help me!!!!!!!

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    aww... im in the same boat as you, but i moved, and didnt tell him before i left =( just tell him =) be honest, and see where it goes from there =) best of luck to u =)

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    Just walk up to him and tell him.. pull him to the side and say :

    "Landon .. these past months, i've realized that I like you more then just a friend. I know it may be confusing and shocking to hear this and that I'm telling you now when I should of told you sooner.. but I like you alot ! "

    Hope that helped. =]

  • First of all, you shouldn't lead yourself on even though all the signs are there. Just be upfront about your feelings and tell him how you feel. It's better to know the whole truth than to make yourself believe that he actually likes you. Unfortunately, I've made your mistake several times and have learned to be more open about my feelings towards guys.

    Good luck!

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    Start with "I like you as morethan a friend". And see what he says. Love is a strong word and sometimes guys get scared away when u say it...

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  • 1 decade ago

    Say i love you more than a friend...duh

  • 1 decade ago

    just tell him, you may be surprised at what he says back.

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