Best video card i can get with around 100-150 dollars?

Been looking to get a new one but dont have that big of a budget.

Any recommendations?


how can you tell your power supply?

Update 2:

Where will be the best places to buy any of these cards?

Update 3:

Also, any cards i can get that are direct 10x compatible would be great.

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    There quite a bit of difference between $100 and $150...

    At the low end, just 10 minutes ago, I ordered an 8600GT at for $99 (after rebate). It's comparable to a 7600GT but also has DX10.

    As the high end, an X1950PRO (DX9 only) is a great deal. If you need DX10, an 8600GTS should be the one, now that prices have come down. After rebate, newegg has one at $156.

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    for that budget the best card you can get if you live in the US is the x1950pro

    NOTE: if your powersupply is under 400watts you can't get this card nor really any other amazing cards if your system is pre-built it means the powersupply is only like 300watts so the best card you can get then is the 7600gt and the 8600gt

    EDIT: you take off the side panel of your computer case and read the label thats on the side of the powersupply just find out how many watts it has and if you could find out how many A's it has all you do is look at the colum that will say 12v+ then see how many A's it has like it will look like this if your reading it for example



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    PCI-E : 7600GT.

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