89 Chrysler NYorker..3L.smoking..valve guides...seals?

To conclude;

Smoking out of tailpipe; to diagnose........

1. first do a compression test to rule out rings.

2. If rings are ok,search out valve guide and seal problem

3. Chrysler(Mitsubishi) did send out a service note that said that valve seals were bad in all 3.0L engines. To correct, they said, must take off head to remove valve guides as they are pinned in from the bottom... then replace with new 'remodled' seals.

4. Chrysler man in Colorado said that could be very expensive

he said perhaps there might be a shop that would replace with 'stock' seals maybe without taking off heads. He also said that if I did replace with new 'remodled' seals as Mitubiushi suggests, that compression might be so great(top to bottom) that it might blow out my rings..so he suggested that I replace with stock seals, and try to find somone to replace them without taking off the old heads.

What do you think? Oh, BTW, 140k and I want to keep the care for another 30-40k or so.

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  • Ron B
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    1 decade ago
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    If your only going to keep it a short time, just have the valve stem seals replaced and keep a case of oil in the trunk. If you have the guides replaced the engine will use more oil and smoke worse than it is now.

  • 1 decade ago

    engine work will cost more than the car is worth, its almost 20 yrs old everything else will be needing replaced also ,put your money into another newer car

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