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How much are hair extensions?

My hair length is like in my middle bicep area, and i want ot to be longer, like to my middle but upper rib area, and if i did get extensions I'd want the good ones, not the cheap ones, so does anyone know where in IN i could go and how much they'd be?

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    Well they range between 10.00 to 100 dollars. but they dont have to be that expensive to be good. The realy expensive ones are the ones made of real human hair. The cheapest ones are made of kanekalon or other synthetic fibers. They are quite good actually. You can buy human hair extensions for an average of 20.00$. Dont go for the too pricey ones. there arent much better than the less expensive ones. You can Buy Hair extensions at any beauty store that sells beauty products. they are usually privately owned (by Asian/Asian Americans, or at least in my area they are). A big chain store that sells them too is Sallys/ Sally beauty.

    I would advise you that if you get hair extensions put in, dont get them glued in. It can seriously damage your hair and is kinda messy and difficult to remove. You can get it sewn in and there is another more expensive way of getting it done which is basically like putting in an extension for every strand of hair, they call it something, Its expensive, I havent done it before and cant remember the name right now.

    Another option for you to bypass all this "loca" is to buy an instant weave. you just insert it into your hair like a comb and comb your own hair over it. its neat. inexpensive. non fussy and very easy to do. plus you can take it out easily when you are tired of it. And it looks just like your hair. comes in various colors and a myriad of styles.

    Well I hope this helps.

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    I am not from IN but I did have hair extensions and they were great. they were the fusion bond method and I paid $200 for the hair Enough to do my entire head w/some left over, my first appointment was $500 for the application which took about 5 hours (again to get my whole head done) and then the monthly maintenance was $50/hour and the cost of hair which for maintenance you shouldn't need much as they just change out half of your head at a time.

    I would recommend real hair as you can wash/style (curl, color, flat iron ect) as you would your own hair. Synthetic you can not.

    To see pics of the before/afer of the fusion method

    Source(s): I had extensions you can see my before/after pic at the above mentioned website. I am in the red tshirt w/the ninja on it.
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    Really nice extentions would require 100% human hair. That alone, could cost hundreds. Installment, is another few hundred, if you find someone who can do it proffesionally.

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