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My 2 week old daughter is constipated, what helps?

I pump and give her Similac, she used to poop every feeding; now all of a sudden she hasn't gone since 3:30 yesterday afternoon! She grunts and looks uncomfortable...what will help her? We saw the doctor today and she poked and prodded at her with a thermometer and nothing happened. What is the next step. I read that it is normal that babies don't go for days at a time, but I can't stand to see her like this! Please somebody!

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    Offer water between feedings. If the weather is hot, she may just be thirsty. Happened to my baby when we did not have A/C.

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    Well, I'm reluctant to agree about the sugar for a two week old as most can not break down sugars yet which is why they don't get any fruits at that age. Apple juice or prune is also a "no no at such a young age"..

    I think she is having trouble with the mix...Similac vs. natural milk. Similac has been known to be hard to break down and sometimes conflicts with mother's milk.

    Can you get Carnation "Good Start" where you live? It is the best to break down and is the most similar to breast milk, Babies who can't tolerate Similac usually get right on track with Good Start.

    The only thing about having her wait too long is if she has discomfort when she DOES go, and it hurts or creates an anal fissure, she'll continue to have pain each time she has a bowel movement until the fissure heals. This could lead to her retaining her bowel movements and thus, more constipation, which leads to a vicious cycle.

    Wait for another day and see what happens. But please don't upset her young system by adding fruits or sugars. She's not ready.

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    how much breast milk and how much similac? Is there a reason why you are using both?? My suggestion is to take her off breast milk and just give her the formula. Or breast feed and keep her off the formula.. either way.. I did that for 2 months and really wasn't much point in it. As soon as i put her on Simalic Advance with iron she was fine and been pooping every other day but never uncomfortable.

    My daughter has been going every other day since she was born and she is just over 4 months now and very happy.

    Try doing bicycle legs and sometimes that helps them to go and doing crunches with her legs. She might just be gassy and thats why you are seeing her make those faces.. but if she isn't crying then its not hurting her. She'll let you know if she is in pain believe me. :) Good luck to you and Congrats on the new baby.

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    If your ped didn't suggest anything, I'd leave things be for now. It's only considered constipation if the baby goes infrequently, struggles to go (crying), and has hard pellet-like bowel movements. It's really rare in a baby that is breastfed, but it is normal for breastfed babies to start going only every few days. And most babies grunt when they poop, even if it isn't hard and painful.

    I'd talk to your ped again before trying anything. My daughter suffers from pretty serious constipation and we have to give her juice everyday, but that was started at 2 months on the advice of my ped.

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    This is a home remedy i give to my newborn daily and also did with my 3 year old and both are big and healthy.

    Try mixing about two cups of water and about two tablespoons of oatmeal and bring to a boil and in a bottle give the water which has the oatmeal extract with a little sugar it will help. And it is good for the baby..And she may not be constipated but this will sooth her just give it a try..GOOD LUCK

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    A little bit of prune juice might help, but make sure with the pediatrician that it's ok to give it to her. A warm bath might help also, though she may poop in the bath. Also, make sure you're not giving her the similac with added iron, the iron will only constipate her again.

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    My 2nd daughter had that problem. We used to "poop" her.You put a thermometer in her little bum[not far in at all] and gently move it in a circular motion and the poop should come forth[and be recognized lol].

    My eldest daughter was 16 months at the time and she would tell people, in a very confidential tone "She has a pooping problem" That used to slay everyone. Good luck with that precious baby!

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    DO NOT use the karo syrup, juice or anything like that!!!!!! If You talk to your pediatritian they will give you ideas. Mine told me to mix a little extra water into her formula or give her an ounce of water inbetween feedings, To insert a rectal thermometer into her rectum for 10 seconds with vasaline on it, or give her a warm bath. They did put me on a different hypoallergenic formula that is easier on her tummy which is helping her alot...

    Source(s): Mother of One.. work in a nursery!!
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    I mixed1oz water and 1oz prune juice and that got her moving but I can't remember exactly how old she was. It wasn't that long ago cuz she is only 10 weeks old now but my memory is shot. I would ask your doctor to make sure it is ok but she is on a daily schedule now. Its what her doctor told me to do because my baby was the same way!!

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    watered down apple juice. It helped my baby 2 oz of each

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