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Help with this latin chart please!?

Verb Conj. Person Number Voice Tense Translation

gestum est 3rd 3rd sing. Passive Perfect it has been worn


capti eritis



munitae erunt






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    I assume this is homework.

    While someone suggested that you not "be lazy" and "look them up" using a website, I would suggest that you get out your textbook and check out the charts in the back of it.

    If you're having trouble learning how to conjugate (and by the looks of this, you're in late-term Latin I at least), you need to get a tutor or ask your teacher for help.

    Having someone send you the answers--or having a computer program tell you the answers--won't help you learn anything, and Latin II is just going to be that much harder. Do the work now; Latin II will be much less painful if you do.

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    Dont be so friggin' lazy.

    http://lysy2.archives.nd.edu/cgi-bin/words.exe is a site where you can look them up.

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