It's hard to get over him that fast:(?

I want to dump my boyfriens but I 'am not sure that I want to:) I do in a way cause it sounds like nobody is likeing him at all, with his lies and evrything but when I think of leaving him I don't want to and when I'am talking to my family about it I do want to ? I 'am all confused:( I do miss him alot:) but he just weired sometimes, it's really money issues though I think cause his not showing me that he would or can support me if we were to get married, and we talk about it already(marriage) but I'am already questioning myself about him what should I do?

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    I can gaurantee you that no breakup will be that easy to get over. No matter if you were the one to call it quits or not, it will always be hard, but you will eventually get over it. It takes time for everything. If you really loved this man, you wouldnt have to ask if you really love him. If you dont think its the right fit, then tell him that you dont think you two are ready for a relationship together. If you can see yourself with this man though for the rest of your life, then you can make it work. But the only thing worse than breaking up, is getting a divorce. You have to make sure if you do marry him, that you solve any problem or obstacle that might ruin your marriage in the long run. You might not be able to see anything wrong right now, but over the next few years it can grow into something big and ruin your marriage.

    If you are really confused, then just tell him that you need to take a break. When youre away from him, really think about things, and if you truly miss him, then tell him that you want to be with him and youve made up your mind. But if you actually dont like how things are going, then just call it quits. It will be hard getting over him, but there are other fish in the see that are a far better match. Good luck!

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    What u should do is leave him. I just got out of a relationship like this, and I am so glad that my parents intervened. If he lies, then that is already a dealbreaker in a relationship. Get out now while u can! U deserve to be respected, told the truth and to be supported. Dump him and look for a better man, girl!

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    If you're this uncertain about what to do, you obviously already think that you guys are not ready for marriage, and that you may not ever see you going to that stage. If you can't see him supporting you in the future, then make an exit now before you commit to anything you really don't want to.

    As for your parents, they are good at giving advice. Just remember that their advice isn't always right. Listen to what you have to say too.

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    You want a guy to support you! everyone who is married tells me.... Never get married "just for love" because those feelings fade after five years. Always get married because you are in love AND there are practical reasons behind it as well.... if you have no intention on marrying him then you shouldn't be dating him. Break up with him! I was in the same situation. He was a liar and didn't have a good job and once i broke up with him, i found out he was snorting crack and going to my house high..... I haven't regretted it once!

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    Maybe you need to have a serious talk with him about those issues first and make sure he understands where you're headed if nothing changes. Then, if he still doesn't treat you right, you might just have to break up with him. He may get it together and he may not, but remember, you deserve to have somebody who's honest with you and trustworthy!

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    Sounds cold but you have to do whats right for you in this life. We get one go at being happy. We can not wind back clocks or live life to make others happy.

    Having said that be honest and sensitive. You have to know how you feel about your self before you can say how you feel for another :) good luck.

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    Take things slow dont rush anything!!! Dont listen to other people you need to go some where and be by yourself an think about what you want!! Ask your self Do you really LOVE him! No one can tell you what to do you need to do the for your self!!!!

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    i know exactly what u mean since i am having the exact same problems with me and my boyfriend right now. what what u need to do is sit down and give yourself at least one hour to write a pro and con list about staying with your boyfriend, and about questioning yourself and about everything that has to do with this whole issue. then you need to write a conclusion about how you feel. withthis list, u sit ur boyfriend down and u talk to him, what you need is REASSURANCE, and that is so important. if your boyfriend can give u reassurance then that is all you need:) good luck!

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    heads up listen to your parents they have a vested interest in you and know more.

    if he is lying, don't play to that and prepare to leave him. if after 2 years without his lies you will know what your parents said was right.

    trust me...Experience is the teacher

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