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What are some good make-up tips for a younger girl that doesnt make her look to overdone?

Although I will be using all given tips for myself, I also may put this on my makeup website and I would like to give people the credit they deserve so please tell me who to credit the answer to. Thanks!

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    Couple of rules are good to follow:

    no eyeliner, heavy mascara (a clear one will work), lipstick or liner, and contouring blush.

    Some good products to use are:

    CoverGirl Eye enhancers 1-kit shadows in Champagne

    CoverGirl professional clear mascara

    CoverGirl Lipslicks lipgloss in Clear

    CoverGirl Cheekers blush in Natural Shimmer (very lightly on apples of cheeks)

    Credit to: Sarah

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    The best thing to do is use natural tones; some younger girls use tons of eyeliner and a lot of mascara and really bright eyeshadows. It just looks unnatural. So try to use some more natural tones; if you're lighter skinned than go for some brown and tan or light pink eye shadows. Only apply blush to your cheekbones and only lightly. Also only apply a thin line of eyeliner and maybe a TINY bit of mascara if any. Also lip gloss is better than lip stick for younger girls. But not very dark lip gloss; just a light shade to apply a little glow to your lips.

  • Use foundation. Let me re-phrase that.

    Use the RIGHT kind of foundation.

    Many people tend to get a foundation that is too dark for their skin. Now we're gettin the "fake bake" look. For example, I've done that =] If your appearance is similar to mine, it is hard to find a foundation for a pale face. But you know what makes foundation so amazing? It covers up your zits but while doing so it gives you color. That's why pales are praising it! Ask a woman at a make-up counter at your local Macies to give you a "makeover." It's free! Better yet, they pick out the right kind of foundation for you. If you do not have a Macies (which was previously "Famous Bar"), ask your mom to help you pick it out.

    Next we get to the blush. It's the same as foundation: apply correctly! (I wish I could help demonstrate it to you)

    Wear a faint pink eye shadow. Stay away from dark colors. If you chose to do eyeliner, which I do not recommend, choose a light brown. Don't try using mascara.

    Next to finsih up a suttle, natural beauty apply a light yet glittery lip gloss.

    I hope you enjoy the first stages of being able to wear make-up. The best of luck to you! Remember: You don't need make-up to make you beautiful. Make-up just enhances your beauty.

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    You should just put some eye shadow that matches your skin color but a little dark and in color. Like foe example you have a fair and tone golden color skin. It could go with a dark puper or for a littler look pink. For eye liner you should only use the dark eyeliner half way for a sexy look and little color for a little look. The final touch would be the lip gloss and it should be a color dark then your natural lip color. but if you have an uneven skin tone you should put foundation to even your skin tone.

    Source(s): That is all I know from experience
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    As the former owner of a beauty college with an instructors license in cosmetology, it is one of the difficult things for young girls to not get too ahead of themselves and want to put too much makeup on and be like their mom or older sister.

    To help with this, moms and sisters can encourage their daughters and sisters to just add a little blush (preferably in a soft peach or rose) and mascara(brown for blondes and soft brunettes and black for dark brunettes). Anything else will be overwhelming and too much.

    Nanna Fech aka Pam Fech

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    If you want to even out your complexion, use tinted moisurizer on your face instead of foundation. Foundation looks too heavy on younger girls. Wear lip gloss instead of lipstick, and go easy on the eye makeup. If you have lighter skin, hair, and eyes, try brown eyeliner and mascara instead of black, because it's less harsh.

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    The one thing that I notice some girls doing today (it really bugs the crap out of me) is applying too much black eyeliner or black eyeshadow. These girls just don't know how to wear make-up. Make-up was meant to BRING OUT your natural features, not hide them.

    What I do is simple. I use foundation, dark brown mascara, a tiny (TINY) bit of blush, and lipgloss. That's all that I need.

    Just don't overdo anything. It makes you look extremely fake.

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    Use light eyeshadow and a brown or charcoal eyeliner pencil, with brown or clear mascara and a chapstick or lip gloss.

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    Use natural colors and go light on all makeup. Such as, thin line of eyeliner, tinted moisturizer instead of foundation, tinted balm instead of lipstick,etc. For makeup to do this look....visit and use natural shades of I-Mark, C-Thru-U, and Tinted Sheenstick. :)

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    for a younger girl, you shouldn't wear eyeliner. and i would say at age 12 you could start wearing mascara. but i think lip gloss, and chap stick is okay. and eyeshadow is okay at probably age 11, just as long as it is light colors, like i wouldn't recommend black or any dark colors.

    Source(s): my name is miles.(nickname)so just say,Miles.
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