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if you are interest in global warming?please watch this with a open mind?


watch all 8 segiments not just the 1 video please

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    Oh, boy...people aren't going to like you! You blaspheme their religion.

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    It's an old movie. I've seen it before. It would be a yawner, were it not for the distortions and fabrications.

    From the British Antarctic Survey:

    "Much of the programme was based around a diagram, shown several times, that purported to be world temperature for the last 120 years. This showed a curve, labelled “NASA”, extending to the year 2003. The curve was produced by NASA nearly twenty years ago. Although it showed data only until 1987, it had been stretched and relabelled to suggest it showed the temperature record to 2003. The resulting distortion excludes the significant warming that has occurred since 1987. Other figures similarly misrepresented the current state of knowledge, especially as regards the influence of the Sun on climate, and the strength of the recent climate warming....Any scientist found to have falsified data in the manner of [the program] would be guilty of serious professional misconduct....A second issue was the claim that human emissions of CO2 are small compared to natural emissions from volcanoes. This is untrue: current annual emissions from fossil fuel burning and cement production are estimated to be around 100 times greater than average annual volcanic emissions of CO2."


    Further, the solar hypothesis has recently been disproven:


    Some of the scientists quoted in the film (Carl Wuntsch and Eigil Friis-Christensen) have complained that their work was misrepresented:


    Wuntsch called the film "grossly distorted" and "as close to pure propaganda as anything since World War Two."


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    I think the making of this movie was a very unfortunate event. Too many people who know too little about climate science have watched it and been fooled.

    Its arguments seem quite convincing, but just a little research into them will show them to be at best misleading, and at worst outright lies.

    I hope you are a true skeptic, and will look critically at all claims, and not just ones you disagree with.

    If you want to honestly research the points they raised, some good places to start would be the IPCC's report:


    And realclimate.org

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    Good stuff... however in this argument facts frequently aren't enough... They are often either disregarded as funded by evil something or another or ignored all together. And it's sad that I may have to give up freedoms because someone wants to feel good.

    Edit: first and third replies... I rest my case... I doubt that either even watched all the first segment... this was produced by the BBC's ch10... hardly the bastion of Conservative thought.

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    Here is an even better one it has many of the scientists who have their names on the ipcc but actually dropped out and requested their names be removed due to the false information it shares as truth! Check it out and really pay attention it's 73 minutes long and loaded with the truth about the whole matter!


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    I am interested in global warming. I just don't get your question.

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    O.K. now all i have to say to this is that,if the world is to come to and end through fire---------then i s`pose this is the way we are to go,through this global warming.Pretty interesting.

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    Well, that short video certainly disproves all of the peer reviewed scientific journal articles I have read. Keep dreaming. Just because it's on Utube does not make it correct.

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    Are you aware that is just a propaganda piece put out by the oil companies? If you don't believe me--go to the fne print and trace where it comes from--and who funds the producers of that nonsense.

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    RIGHT ON some one that is not a sheep/people

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