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Back pain. . .?

The T-12 vertebrae in my spine is 20 percent decompressed. . .aka....fractured. I was just wondering if that can be treated. My Doc said there was really nothing they could do, that I had to live with the pain. is that true?

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    I would not take ONE dr's opinion and believe it. (1991- i was 27) 15 years ago - my dr told me I would be in a wheelchair and never walk again, since then- I am walking and I had surgery to have a couple pain stimulators implanted!! I AM BLESSED WITH THE TECHNOLOGY OF TODAY!

    DEAR- there is the Laser Spine Institute -that I heard is doing wonders. it is in Florida. I will go there if surgery is needed again because it is miraculous-- (i may go for my neck! just not ready-LOL)

    YOU NEED TO CALL , and ask and see what they can do or what they might recommend.

    Please dont give up-

    If you need someone to talk to - lets chat- I can empathize with you as far as pain goes!


    Something called VATS (video assisted thoracis surgery) is another treatment

    there are lots of treatments -- so dont listen, and with really bad pain, you can get a spinal cord stimulator implanted to help with pain!

    SEEK OTHER ADVICE NOW!! then you can go back to that DR that didnt want to be bothered to help you and rub it in his face!

    I am also thinking that this bace called ORTHO_TRAC may benefit you -bigtime!!

    it is a brace that works like traction that provides cushion for the pain!


    You may also benefit from POOL THERAPY_ You see, you are 1/3 your body weight in the pool and getting in the water will help relieve that pressure- BUT PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND- YOU CAN OVER DO IT! it is easy to over do it in the water - so just because it feels good doesnt mean it is healed- by getting in the water you can only enhance the healing! PLEASE TRY!

    So many more options -

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    The terms "decompressed" and "fractured" are not the same to me as an RN or as a back patient.

    Decompression usually refers to the disc between each vertebra and altho not complete clear, your "20% decompressed" statement would lean more to degenerative disc disease, which I heard myself for a few years. A fracture on the other hand, is usually used to refer to a break in a bone.

    I am confused as to why the 2 terms are used together, but you have my sympathy with the pain.

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    That may not be true. There are several treatment options for a fractured vertebrae. Get a second opinion.

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    I'm 50, and whilst that occurs my wellbeing guide has me take Ibuprofen (my prescription suffering killer would possibly not even paintings intent it is yet another style of suffering) & observe progesterone cream (in yet another spot at any time when) from the wellbeing meals retailer as soon as an afternoon till my glide stops. The ibuprofen stops the suffering, the progesterone fixes the situation for the following time round, for me no less than.

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    I recommend you see a doctor of chiropractic medicine as they do amazing work on back problems. It's possible that much of your pain could be eliminated. I'm enclosing a link where you can find a chiropractor that uses a very gentle technique, not the old pop and crack method.

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