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If you pay 10% of the bail amount, is it required to have a second person sign papers, promising that the person who is suppose to go to court will appear. Or coming up with that 10% o.k Need help, my bailbond bailed me out. My bail was set at $65,000.00. I gave him 10% of that and he is asking for another family member to fill out paperwork.

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    I think its common practice to have another person co-sign. They like to have a second incase you blow off court. Someone else they can go after I guess.

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    the bondsman is on the 'hook' so to speak for the $65k. He/she will get and collect as much information as possible to track you down if you decide to be a no show. Additionally you are entering into the realm of contract law, if the terms of the contract for him/her to provide the bond are that you have certain information provided, then to acquire that bond you have to have those conditions met. Additionally bondsmen may require more information based on the possibility of flight to avoid prosecution.

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    that 10% is the bond mans fee to write the bond. at $ 65,000 he will usually ask for a home or a new car to use as collatorall. signater bonds( ones that dont require collatoral) are very rare and never written for a large bond such as yours.

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